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June 23, 2014 Updates

Nenad Krstic is heading to Anadolu Efes Istanbul, according to source with the knowledge of the situation. The Serbian big man just left CSKA Moscow and will join the Turkish powerhouse. Krstic has played from 2011 to 2014 with CSKA Moscow. Sportando

July 16, 2012 Updates
July 10, 2012 Updates

Nenad Krstic (28 years old, 212 cm) had the option of returning to the NBA, but he signed a three-year new contract with CSKA Moscow. Mondo

Krstic has agreed to playe until the end of season 2013/2014, but he left open the possibility of a contract extension for another year. Blic

July 8, 2012 Updates
July 4, 2012 Updates
June 8, 2012 Updates

Former Thunder center Nenad Krstic, who has an NBA out in his contract with CSKA Moscow, tells HoopsHype he has not made a decision yet about returning to the league. "I have the NBA option, but I'm happy in CSKA too, I will see what happens," Krstic said in a text message. Sulia

May 30, 2012 Updates
September 26, 2011 Updates

Then bonuses received by European players such as living quarters, car and/or driver, maids, expenses/utilities paid by the club, etc., may be added. These perks vary from club to club, but we can figure in that amount in addition to salary because NBA teams do not pay for such amenities. The 2.0 multiplier is actually in most cases a conservative estimate as in most cases, it is actually even higher than double in terms of difference between gross and net income. Using these bonuses from particular clubs, applying multipliers, and rounding the figures (as is customary among NBA agents), we get the following as the top 10 NBA salary equivalents in European pro club basketball. 1. Deron Williams – $10.3 million per season NBA salary equivalent. 2. Mehmet Okur – $10 million. 3 (tie). Nenad Krstic – $8.9 million. 3 (tie). Rudy Fernandez – $8.9 million. Ball In Europe

September 16, 2011 Updates

Contrary to prior reports, Nenad Krstic does have a buyout clause in his two-year contract with CSKA Moscow, and it’ll cost him $1 million to return to the NBA for the 2012-13 season. Krstic revealed the buyout terms Friday in an exclusive interview with SheridanHoops.com following Serbia’s 87-77 loss to Greece in a classification game at EuroBasket. The loss cost the Serbs a chance to qualify for the 2012 Olympics at next summer’s pre-Olympic tournament in early July. “Actually I have a one plus one,” Krstic told SheridanHoops. “So after the first year I can go back to the NBA. It’s my option, the second year. I can stay if I want, or if I have offers from the NBA I can accept them.” SheridanHoops

“It’s tough to say now (what will happen in the future), but I can say I am proud to be a member of one of the best teams in Europe with a great history. I always dreamed of playing in the NBA, that was always my goal, and maybe someday I will try to come back,” Krstic said. “I followed the EuroLeague on the Internet and on TV, but I didn’t play there for like 10 years, and it’s one of the things where I don’t know exactly what to expect. The NBA is the best league in the world. I’m going to miss playing with the best players in the world, plus the lifestyle. SheridanHoops

August 21, 2011 Updates

Xavier Colombani: Nenad Krstic talks about signing with CSKA Moscow http://bit.ly/ocdJq4 #basket Twitter

July 18, 2011 Updates

According to website HoopsHype.com, several players in addition to Williams and Songaila had signed with European teams as of early last week. Still other NBA players are reportedly at least considering overseas deals. While Williams’ deal includes an opt-out in case the NBA lockout ends, Songaila’s does not. Bartelstein said NBA players are convinced there will be a long lockout. Boston Celtics center Nenad Krstic had every intention of exploring the NBA free agent market if not for the lockout, said his agent, Marc Cornstein, president of Pinnacle Management Corp. But when CSKA Moscow came calling, “he got offered a tremendous contract by Moscow,” Cornstein said. Sporting News

July 1, 2011 Updates

Former Celtic Nenad Krstic recently signed a two-year deal to play in Europe for CSKA Moscow. Wojnarowski expects others to follow. “I think you’re going to see that,” he said. “The problem right now is that a few years ago overseas was a big threat and then the euro crashed. There aren’t as many teams in Europe as there were a few years ago. There was a couple years there where, you know, Josh Childress had a $6 million a year deal in Europe. Those deals aren’t there anymore for those kind of guys. If a front line NBA guy wants to go over there, he can get a good contract. The middle-of-the-road, the middle-class guys who were going over there and really getting paid well, getting paid more than they could get with say the veterans minimum here or even like a $1.8, $2.2 million deal, they could get a little better over there. That money isn’t really there anymore. So you will see more guys go over there. Now for Krstic it was easy because he’s from Europe and he has a comfort level there. But I think you’ll see a few more guys sign up like that, fringe guys, but the guys who are under contract and aren’t free agents right now, they’re going to have to ride it out.” WEEI.com

Nenad Krstic enjoys a sense of security today that is about to elude many of his former NBA peers. The former Celtics center, after signing a two-year, $9.8 million contract early in June with CSKA Moscow, is glad he found a deal early. Despite all the talk from players about playing in Europe during the lockout, Krstic believes the overseas option is vastly overrated. “I don’t think you will see a lot coming here,” Krstic said yesterday from his home in Kraljevo, Serbia. “Europe is not in a great situation financially. There are only four or five teams now that can offer much to NBA players, and those teams right now are almost full. “That’s a problem for NBA players, I think,” he said. “It was a reason why I had to go right away. I got maybe the best contract in Europe because of that.” Boston Herald

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