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April 18, 2015 Updates

Serge Ibaka: People and fans don't know what happens inside the team. I'm going to tell you what's happened with me, for example... I've had a bad ankle all year long. Bad back all year long. It's not just that I got injured late in the season, which everybody knows about... I hurt my ankle with the National Team last summer and it's been bad all year long. I've been taking pills in order to play without pain. That's the kind of season it's been. And it's not just me. Many of my teammates have been through the same thing. It's been incredible. That was the whole problem. HoopsHype

There's been rumors recently about Scott Brooks' job. He's already received endorsements from both Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. What's your take? Serge Ibaka: Why are you going to fire him? What has he done? Injuries were not his fault. Why would he go? He has not done anything, he's not responsible for the injuries. He did his best with the team he had. Would other coach do better with a team with so many injuries? What could (Scott Brooks) possibly do about it? The team is with him. You can't blame him for what has happened. HoopsHype

April 17, 2015 Updates

Sonics legend Shawn Kemp will be at Neumos co-hosting a party celebrating the Thunder’s failed playoff run and more Thursday night at Neumos on Capitol Hill in Seattle. DJ Clinton Sparks and rapper Neema will also host the event, which begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15. Seattle Times

Anthony Slater: Dion Waiters offseason goal: "Eating right." Said the biggest reason he played better late this season is cause he got in shape. Twitter @anthonyVslater

During home games, he was cooped up at the top of Section 106, constantly seen scrolling through his phone. During road games, he watched from his couch, listening to the broadcast and stewing over the knee-jerk reactions of the social media world. “I’m definitely pissed,” a surly Durant said at his exit interview on Thursday morning. “I've heard a lot of stuff over this time I've been injured from everybody, from different people. So I can't wait for the first game (of next season).” Oklahoman

He gets so worked up over what’s being said that those close to Durant often try to convince him that it’s best to ignore it all together. But he can’t. “I like reading that stuff because I get upset,” Durant said. “And I play well when I get really, really upset.” Oklahoman

“It’s kind of like a balance that I use,” Durant said. “I use it for fuel sometimes because I know most of it’s bull**** and I know most of the people don’t really know the game like I know it…(But) like I said, it’s a balance I have to have in between getting too mad and just letting that distract me and take that away from how I play and using that as fire as well. So I’ve heard it all. And I can’t wait to play again.” Oklahoman

Trevor Booker who took issue with Kanter’s comments on the organization’s lack of professionalism and made a sarcastic tweet concerning him the night before, didn’t pile on when asked about the change after he left. “The locker room was fine when he was here and it was great after he left,’’ he said. Deseret News

When asked about the NBA’s tricky history of big men and foot injuries, Durant, clearly having read about these comparisons before, shot back: “Well, Bill Walton and Yao Ming had two totally different injuries than I had. And I can remember a lot of people telling me I was too small, too skinny and now all of a sudden I'm a big man?” "Hell no," he said when asked whether he'd watch the playoffs. Oklahoman

The curse of the Zombie Sonics is alive and well. That’s right, Emerald City hoops fans can breathe easy once again knowing the Larry O’Brien Trophy will not be hoisted by Clay Bennett in Oklahoma City this year. Entering last night, the Thunder were in a heated race to capture the eighth and final seed in the Western Conference, but thanks to a New Orleans victory over San Antonio, their championship hopes were dashed once again. Seattle Times

April 16, 2015 Updates


Kevin Durant may end up claiming the No. 1 spot, but for now it belongs to Gary Payton.


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