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February 17, 2015 Updates

The Rockets, always a factor at the deadline, are aggressively pursuing a deal with Phoenix for point guard Goran Dragic, league sources say. Such a deal would likely center around Rockets guard Patrick Beverley; otherwise, Dragic, a prospective free agent, would be stuck in the same three-guard rotation that he finds himself involved with in Phoenix. While rival executives remain convinced that the Suns prefer to move Isaiah Thomas out of their three-headed backcourt, they may not have a choice. A league source confirmed that Dragic's agent, Bill Duffy, informed the Suns Tuesday night that he would not re-sign with Phoenix this summer. And the Rockets are not on Dragic's short list of teams to which he prefers to be traded, the source said. CBSSports.com

February 15, 2015 Updates

Pat Beverley was introduced as a defensive specialist. Even when he won the Skills Challenge on Saturday, he was described by TNT’s Ernie Johnson as “an irritant.” But he was a winner based on skills. In some ways, that should not have been a surprise. The Skills challenge has two kinds of shots, layups and 3-pointers, the shots the Rockets take more often than any team, and no mid-range jumper. So when Beverley misfired his passes in the semifinals and finals, falling far behind Jeff Teague and then Brandon Knight, he made his first 3-pointer in each round while they were still missing. With that, he hoped to take his success in Brooklyn back to Houston. “Most of all, I came out here to have fun,” Beverley said. “I hope Coach (Kevin) McHale is watching and maybe I can get more plays now. Houston Chronicle

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Beverley won’t deny he’s aware of the importance of the upcoming season in regard to his contract situation. But he won’t presently concern himself with his next deal. “The contract year is big for everyone,” Beverley said. “The biggest thing for me is to continue doing what I’ve been doing: playing defense, being aggressive, and leading this team. Then I’ll let the dominoes fall wherever they fall. “It’s something I can’t control. I can only control my basketball playing, and that will get me what I deserve. I haven’t thought about all that yet. It’s the beginning of the year. I’m just trying to stay healthy to lead a basketball team. I’ll let my agent do his job.” Houston Chronicle

October 1, 2014 Updates

Jenny Dial Creech: Pat Beverley and Kostas Papanikolaou played together in Greece - Pat said it was great to have him back on the same team. Beverley: "Me and Kostas were in Greece riding the bench together and now we are in the NBA battling together." Twitter @jennydialcreech

September 5, 2014 Updates

What did you see out of Derrick Rose when you were working out? Patrick Beverley: He's super strong. That's the first thing I seen with him. He's super strong, he put on some good weight. I think the day I seen him and I seen how big he was, I think the same night I went to go lift weights ‘cause I thought, you know, I saw how big he was. Just his strength, his explosiveness, the way he moves off pick-and-roll and how hard he works in the weight room. So it's a Chicago family, man. Me, him, Will Bynum, Tony Allen, we're all real close and working with each other has been a blessing this summer. CBSSports.com

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