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Toronto Raptors forward Patrick Patterson will miss the next seven to 10 days with a sprained right elbow. The team made the announcement before Sunday's game at Minnesota. Coach Dwane Casey says Patterson has been bothered by the injury for some time, but aggravated it on Friday in a win over Sacramento. USA Today Sports

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Not game specific since Patrick Patterson didn’t play because of his busted beak but I need to get this in here somewhere and there wasn’t a lot to talk about concerning the game. An old friend reached out to tell me about this social media thing Patterson is doing (He’s @pdpatt on the tweeter and instagram, whatever the hell that is) where fans can use the hashtag “patspicks” and tag their favorite anything – clothes, sneakers, accessories, stores, travel destinations, cars. Patterson will pick his favorite submission after the contest closes on Tuesday, Feb. 4. The winner will get a bag of swag worth over $500 with products from Coach, TOMS, Young and Reckless, and more. Toronto Star

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But his biggest contribution to the win may have been some advice he gave to soon-to-be game hero Patrick Patterson. You can make the case that without Hayes telling Patterson to ditch a mask that was protecting a recently displaced nose and that was playing havoc with his depth perception and subsequently his ability to shoot the basketball, the win in Brooklyn might not have come to pass. According to Patterson, it was Hayes who finally convinced him to leave the mask on the bench midway through the second quarter. “‘Since you’re getting it fixed tomorrow, what’s the point in wearing the mask today,’” Patterson said, describing his conversation with Hayes. “‘You might be in pain, but hey it’ll be fixed the next day.’” was Hayes’ reasoning and Patterson bought it. “I just said ‘You know what. As bad as that sounds, you’re right.’” Toronto Sun

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Though DeRozan didn't make the trip, Patrick Patterson did and is expected to play despite a broken nose. Fellow power forward Tyler Hansbrough remains questionable with a deep bone bruise in his ankle. Hansbrough will not play until he doesn't feel any pain, as he doesn't want to risk a long-term injury. Toronto Sun

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“Smooth. Easy. Real comfortable, to say the least,” Patterson said of fitting in with the Raptors, despite being so new to the city that he is still living in a hotel. “I know the guys. I’m already comfortable with them, had previous relationships with them. Also when you have a great coaching staff, and a couple guys I’d been around previously on the staff [during his days with Houston], and [Dwane Casey] is a Kentucky guy, you can’t beat that.” National Post

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What’s changed for Patterson, who had some big moments in Houston before becoming a King after being selected one pick after Toronto nabbed Ed Davis in 2010? “It’s just working on (his jumper),” Patterson said. “Shooters shoot the ball, if you miss, hey, you keep shooting, some stretches will be bad stretches, but you just keep working on it. Teammates and the coaching staff have faith in you, keep telling you to shoot the ball.” Toronto Sun

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