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Pau Gasol: Congrats brother! RT NBA: The @ChicagoBulls' @JimmyButler named 2014-2015 @Kia NBA Most Improved Player of the Year! #KiaMIP pic.twitter.com/s7AkGKiDGj Twitter @paugasol

May 6, 2015 Updates

When Gasol was being courted by the Bulls and Spurs in free agency, he says he spoke to Thibodeau and Popovich at length before he made his decision to leave the Lakers and sign in Chicago. He connected with both coaches in different ways. He loved everything about Pop. They share a taste for the good life. But he worried about longevity with the Spurs. There was no guarantee Popovich, Tim Duncan or Manu Ginobili would be there by the end of the three seasons he was signing up for. ESPN.com

"He's huge for our group and for our bigs," Rose said Tuesday. "We have bigs who aren't as experienced as he is. He makes their job a little bit easier because he's always talking to them and telling them where to be on the court. He eases their mind a bit when he's out there because he's a load, he's always talking and he's a helluva player. Just his communication in the locker room is huge for us." Chicago Tribune

"(Timofey) Mozgov is more comfortable — like I am — guarding pick-and-rolls by not showing so much and being far away from the basket and being aggressive to the ball. He's a more containing type of player. (Tristan) Thompson is a little more aggressive and is able to show, more mobile. We can't rely on what they're going to do. We have to focus on our strengths and understand it's a good action for us." Rose agreed. "It should be fun to see how they play it," Rose said. "Are they going to double-team it or if I get all the way down to the baseline, double-team me so I have a hard time passing it back out? Are they going to switch it? Who knows?" Chicago Tribune

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Gasol is a truly remarkable man. Every game this season, win or lose, good game or bad, Gasol has been there to speak with reporters. He can be political at times, though always earnest and thoughtful. He’ll be critical, but never personal. Which the great majority of reporters respect. The reporter seeking to undermine the player or team is the aberration, though they are present at times. Most are satisfied to be the intermediaries for the public, basically doing their jobs. Gasol understands, and it’s not disingenuous when he basically always thanks reporters after interviews for their questions. NBA.com

April 22, 2015 Updates

Pau Gasol of the Chicago Bulls has won the 2014-15 Magic Johnson Award, which annually recognizes the player who best combines excellence on the basketball court with cooperation and dignity in dealing with the media and the public, the Professional Basketball Writers Association announced today. Pro Basketball Writers

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