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February 15, 2015 Updates

The Bulls center and the Memphis Grizzlies’ center will open the game with the most famous center jump in All-Star history, the first time brothers will start against one another for on opposing sides in the NBA All-Star game. “It’s hard to put in words, honestly,” said Marc. “It’s a pretty indescribable feeling. It means so much. Pau’s career has gone one way and my career has gone a completely different way. But we’ll both meet at the jump ball. I don’t think it matters who wins (the tip). But I think we’re both going to go for it no matter what we say now.” NBA.com

“To be here in an All-Star setting with everything that’s going on and my brother and I being in the All-Star game as starters, everything is just incredible,” said Pau. “This (Sheraton) was the hotel where I stayed when I was drafted first in the NBA in 2001. To be here now as an All-Star 14 years later with my brother and everyone here covering this moment is quite incredible. He had a different path (from me) for sure. He had to work really hard and make sacrifices to overcome certain things over the course of his career. He’s done incredible. His path has been remarkable, worth talking about it. I give him a lot of credit for it because he’s a one-of-a-kind player. His story should be very inspiring to a lot of people. I’m just very proud of Marc. He has become not just a great basketball player, but a great man as well. I love who he is and what he does on and off the court.” NBA.com

February 14, 2015 Updates

With Marc a stalwart of the Memphis Grizzlies, it will be an occasion to remember for their extended family, both claim, but the latter claims facing off against one another remains a unique experience. “I think our relationship off the court has always been strong,” he told MVP. “First, it was more of a big brother/little brother kind of relationship, of course, and once the age …not that it didn’t but once I got more mature and become older, our relationship got really closer and closer, and on the court we both understand how much each other cares for the game, we both understand how much the game means to the other, because we see how much each other works. “So, when we play each other, we barely acknowledge each other; we don’t make eye contact. We know each other’s moves pretty much, and tendencies, so it’s hard to come out with something new to surprise the other guy in front of you. We know after the game we’re not going to talk very much about what happened, because we know that one of us is not going to be too happy, he’s not going to be happy about losing, and so we respect that, too. That’s how we are.” MVP 24/7

Some doubted the elder Gasol would be back on this kind of stage, joining the A-List (fit or not) at Madison Square Garden. Instead he has reminded us what we may have forgotten during his last two years with the Lakers – that he is among the greatest players Europe has ever produced. “I’m definitely rejuvenated, I’m definitely re-energised,” Pau said. “I don’t think I’m reborn. I think at the high level, I just had a couple of rough years in L.A., with a lot to deal with and a lot going on, so a lot of factors play in the way that I’m playing now and the way I’m contributing, and performing, but it (fit) well – and we have a good system, it’s a system that allows me and puts me in positions where I can be more effective and I can play more comfortably, and so I’m happy with the way things are here. MVP 24/7

February 13, 2015 Updates
February 10, 2015 Updates

Marc Gasol can hardly wait for one of the NBA All-Star game's most mundane moments. "I'm just really excited for the jump ball," he said. That's because it will be against his big brother. Teammates with their national team, once traded for each other and sharing a lifetime love of basketball that developed in their grandmother's backyard in Spain, Marc and Pau Gasol will make history as the first brothers to start in the All-Star game. "That jump ball is going to symbolize a lot of things, different ways to do things with the same kind of goal and what we stand for as players and as men, so that jump ball is going to be unique," Marc said Monday. "It's hard to put into words what that jump ball is going to mean." Associated Press

February 9, 2015 Updates
February 5, 2015 Updates
February 1, 2015 Updates

Former players have rallied around Jackson, almost predictably. "It's the first year and the next couple years, I guess, we'll see if he can make a successful run for himself," said Pau Gasol, who won two championships while playing for Jackson with the Lakers. "I'm sure it's frustrating. He's just got to stay patient. He's a guy that's so intelligent and so cerebral that I think he'll make the right moves." Los Angeles Times

January 31, 2015 Updates
January 30, 2015 Updates

Pau Gasol: I spoke to Marc, but we didn’t talk much because I had a game against the Spurs. We don’t really communicate on game days as we always try to stay focused. It’s part of our code. When I arrived at the arena, the news was confirmed. It was fantastic for all my family, for Marc, and for our fans. It was a truly emotional moment because we wouldn’t have imagined anything like this, even in our wildest dreams. When we finished the game against San Antonio, I called Marc. We congratulated each other. We were very happy, obviously. I was like ‘Hey Marc, this is unbelievable!’ We talked about how happy we were at achieving something so important, and how thrilled we were that our fans voted for us. We talked about our parents too, we imagined how they’d be feeling. We promised to each other we would keep working hard in the future. paugasol.com

Gasol has had an incredible season and was recently selected an All-Star starter after taking less money to go to Chicago as a free agent last July. "We really wanted him to stay," Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak said beforehand. "We did the best we could to convince him to stay, but I think he needed a change of scenery. ... He's certainly playing at a very high level. "Would we have been a better team with Pau Gasol on our team this year? Absolutely. But maybe Pau says, 'Well, if I would have stayed, with Kobe [Bryant], we could have won 50-something games.' But now Kobe went down, maybe Pau is saying, 'I made the right decision for sure.'" Los Angeles Times

"When things were going well here, it was exceptional," Gasol said. "They say L.A. and New York are two of the top cities, the best cities to win at, but they're probably two of the tougher cities to lose and struggle, because you get so much coverage that media have to create stories and sometimes the bad or negative stories are more attractive. So I felt like there was always a search for something bad or negative to talk about, some drama that was created whether there was some truth to it or not. Los Angeles Times

Pau Gasol: Tough loss for our team tonight but I will never forget this moment. Thanks for the incredible ovation and the love that you all always have shown me. Instagram

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