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December 28, 2014 Updates

The timing of Rondo’s Dec. 18 trade to Dallas caught Pierce off-guard, but he knew this was a strong possibility once the Celts didn’t get in the running on Kevin Love and couldn’t find another impact player to pair with Rondo. “I was a little bit surprised, especially because trade season starts close to All-Star or after All-Star break,” Pierce said. “Not a lot of trades happen in mid-December. You know, teams are trying to find their stride. Boston Herald

“But we had a chance to talk. We had our weekly mass text, and he understood the situation. The Celtics were either going to go in one direction, build around him, or continue with the youth movement. So I think Rondo understood it. “I was shocked definitely, because I thought this was a year they were going to maybe this summer find some pieces to put around him. But he had a great run in Boston, and as long as he’s happy, that’s all that matters.” Boston Herald

December 27, 2014 Updates

Garnett received a warm welcome from the Garden crowd and while he wouldn't say that this is is final season, the thought has crossed his mind. "I'll always have that special relationship with this city," he said. "I had seen Paul [Pierce, now with the Wizards] the other day. He was in town to play the Knicks. At this stage, when you know that things are not taken for granted, but more appreciated. It [retirement] crosses there [the mind]. Wouldn't lie about that." CSNNE.com

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December 17, 2014 Updates

After his floundering Minnesota Timberwolves lost to Wittman’s Wizards on Tuesday night, 106-95, Saunders, who coached John Wall for his first 99 NBA games (and McGee for 181 games), was asked where Washington’s All-Star point guard has most improved since entering the league. Part of the coach’s answer: “It’s a little bit different throwing the ball to Nene, Gortat, and Paul Pierce than it is throwing it to JaVale McGee, Andray Blatche, and those guys. So they’ve done a good job of getting a supporting cast that works with him.” Truth About It

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December 9, 2014 Updates

Pierce couldn’t help but notice the applause congratulating him for passing Reggie Miller for 16th place on the all-time scoring list. He acknowledged the fans — both Wizards and Celtics supporters — with a wave and urged them to make more noise. “It’s great. I heard the crowd ovation,” said Pierce, who achieved the feat against the team that drafted him in 1998. “I think it’s all great, but I really don’t think it’s going to sink in until I’m done playing. I still have a lot of basketball left to play.” Washington Post

December 8, 2014 Updates

There's a bond that remains for members of Boston's 2008 title team. Pierce noted how he, Rondo, Kevin Garnett, Kendrick Perkins and Glen Davis all have a group message set up and text regularly. (Somewhere Ray Allen, and the phone number that he may or may not have changed, weeps.) "It’s just a mutual respect," Pierce said of his embrace with Rondo. Pierce also shared a moment with former teammate Avery Bradley and second-year Celtics coach Brad Stevens, who arrived after Pierce's departure. "They understand just being with this franchise a long time the things that I’ve been able to accomplish, not only on the court, but off the court, and I think the fans here really value that too. I was saying hi to some of the longtime season-ticket holders and Brad was right there to say hi to him. And Rondo, we talk, we text all the time." ESPN.com

“This place will always have a place in my heart — you know, always,” Pierce said. “Everybody understands when you play for a Boston team and win a championship. No one ever forgets that. It’s like we still celebrate Larry (Bird), Kevin (McHale) and all those guys when they come around here. These are true fans.” As for his remarks from a while back that he’d like to wind up back with the Celtic organization in some capacity, he said, “We’ll see if the opportunity presents itself. Maybe if there is an opportunity, I would love to.” Boston Herald

December 7, 2014 Updates
December 6, 2014 Updates

Pierce got back to town a little earlier and made a video entitled 'Back to Boston' that he posted on The Players Tribune, the website created by Derek Jeter. Pierce is billed as a contributing editor. "Man, I miss Boston," Pierce begins by saying in his ode to the Hub. "I think I'm gonna walk from here," he says as he exits a car and strolls around town. "I love the people here and they love me back... "And that Boston accent? I can't even understand it," Pierce's narration continues. "Fifteen amazing years and one championship. It's like a second home to me, especially the Gahden. I can't wait to play here again. Gonna drop 30 for old time's sake...Maybe Rondo will let me sleep on his couch." CSNNE.com

December 5, 2014 Updates

Paul Pierce will make his only on-court appearance in Boston this season on Sunday afternoon, as the Washington Wizards face off with the Celtics in a matinee affair. Ahead of this visit, Pierce released a new video on The Players Tribune, the website created by Derek Jeter for athletes. The film, in which Pierce is billed as a contributing editor, shows Pierce walking around the streets of Boston, speaking about how much he misses the city. Boston Globe

December 4, 2014 Updates

On a drive to the basket, John Wall came down on his foot in traffic. "Just a jammed big toe on the left side. It's been bothering me the last couple of days," Pierce, 37, said. "Felt it in the third quarter. I got it stepped on real hard. It was tough for me to come back and put the pressure on it. It was very inflamed. I'm doing a little better right now. We'll see how it feels the next couple of days." The toe is expected to heal with treatment and rest. Pierce won't be practicing Thursday. CSNWashington.com

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