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McDonough was calling on Wednesday to inform Tucker that he had been fined by the league for his second flopping offense. But Tucker had no way of knowing what the call was about, hence his apprehension once McDonough finally got him on the phone. “I called P.J. and it went to voicemail,” McDonough said, in an interview with Greg Esposito of Suns.com. “I didn’t leave a message, I was just about to text him and ask him to call me back. P.J. called me back — it was about one o’clock [Wednesday] afternoon, so we were about 24 hours before the deadline — and I noticed P.J. was a little short of breath, breathing a little heavy. Then the light went on in my head. I said ‘P.J., we’re not trading you. That’s not what this call’s about.’ Then he said ‘Thank goodness, man. I love it here. I was so nervous.’ I don’t think anybody’s ever been happier to be fined than P.J. Tucker was when I told him, ‘The good news is you’re not being traded, the bad news is that you are getting fined.’ And I think he was glad to pay the fine if he could stay here in Phoenix.” NBCSports.com

After getting a flopping warning in the previous game against Miami, Tucker was fined by the league for flopping in Tuesday night’s game at Denver when Nuggets power forward Kenneth Faried fouled him from behind on a rebound. Tucker stumbled into the stanchion without much of a shove in the back. Tucker said he “fell kind of funny” and “sold it a little bit” but was definitely pushed. “I’m still going to play like I play,” Tucker said. “It ain’t going to change nothing. “Me getting fined $5,000 for flopping is something that couldn’t be so opposite of how I play. It’s more the implication that I’m a flopper. I think that bothers me more than the actual fine.” Arizona Republic

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Tucker has a lot of company. The love affair between N.B.A. players and their basketball shoes has never been more passionate. The players’ unquenchable thirst for footwear is evident on the court, where they cycle through styles hourly, it seems, and at home, where shoe boxes teeter in players’ closets like pieces in a Jenga game. “It’s really become a phenomenon where you see guys getting competitive with each other: Who’s got the hottest sneakers?” said Matt Halfhill, the publisher of Nice Kicks, an influential blog for self-described sneaker-heads. “It’s a big thing.” New York Times

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Sidigas Avellino is ready to make choices for the next season. The big name is P.J. Tucker. Anyway talks are expected to be very difficult, because the player has a contract (non-guaranteed) with the Phoenix Suns for an amount of 884.293$ and even if he could be cut by the team, could find an NBA team interested in him (Oklahoma City). Sportando

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"It's a business," Tucker said of holding out Dragic at Utah, who could help the Suns to a second draft lottery pick if they pass the Los Angeles Lakers. "All that stuff doesn't matter. We're going to play regardless of who they play or don't play. "I watch college and nobody there could impact the team like what people think. There are no game-changers. That's so irrelevant to guys in the locker room." USA Today Sports

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It has been fun for Telfair to be on the other side of a targeting defense. He always sought steals and had a competitive nature but he realizes that channeling that into a shut-down mentality has kept him in the rotation. “I’m out there denying the ball from guys where they aren’t getting as many touches,” Telfair said. “I like to see that frustration. It makes a guy do something different than he does every night. They push me plenty. I just get in a guy, lean on them, put my weight on, put my hands on them, hold them. They don’t like that at all. They’ll let you know, ‘When I get it, I’m scoring,” so it feels good when I shut them down.” After being away from the NBA, Tucker relishes the role even after being a go-to scorer for overseas teams for years. “It’s a pleasure when you get a guy mad,” Tucker said. “When they’re fussing and there’s a little talking and you’re getting under their skin, you want to keep doing it just to completely take them out of their games. That’s a part of taking over games to win.” Arizona Republic

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Jared Dudley donated $5,000 to Phoenix Children's hospital on Thursday, and passed out donation "bears" to kids with PJ Tucker, Kendall Marshall and Markieff Morris. I myself became a "monthly miracle maker" for the second time - a minimal $20/month for a year. It's nothing to me, and so much more to those kids. Bright Side of the Sun

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