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The narrative around Mavericks guard Rajon Rondo is that he is going to explore free agency. While Rondo has said several times that staying in Dallas long-term is a very serious option he’ll consider, those around Rondo are saying the fit in Dallas has been less than stellar and that he’ll explore his options. The Mavericks can and likely will offer more money on an annual basis, but there is a sense that Rondo will finish out the season and see what other options are available to him before making a decision. A return to Dallas isn’t out of the question, but there is a sense that Rondo may have at least half a foot out the door. Basketball Insiders

“There’s no problem (with Rondo),” Ellis says. “Rondo is a great asset on both ends of the floor. It takes a while for the player to really get adjusted to a new system, new personalities, figuring out where guys want the ball. I think it’s going to work out for the best for us once we get over the hump. Take a look at Toronto, you know, (when) Toronto started out they were hot, and they’re going through pretty much the same thing that we’re going through.” Sports Illustrated

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"What's different is they're giving me the ball a lot more on the break. I think I've earned these guys' confidence. They know when they're going to get the ball back. Obviously it's a miss-make league. CP's been playing unbelievable, shooting the ball extremely well. Dirk shot the lights out tonight. It has been a great effort." mavsmoneyball.com

"It's just coach and I in the room. He's yelling at me a lot. I try not to crack under pressure and give him what he needs. It's calling out plays. For example, if I want to get Monta a shot on a pindown [screen], if I want to single ice [isolation], a lot of basketball terminology to make sure we're on the same page." Do you yell back the answers? "No, yelling won't get it. Yelling got me suspended. Yelling got me a bad rap so I'm going to continue to try and have an even keel when we do our tests." mavsmoneyball.com

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“I’ve always thought, and it’s crazy, I’ve said it before, if you argue that means you’re closer,” Rivers said. “When you don’t argue is when you have separation, and I’ve always thought that. “If there are issues on a team and no one is talking about it — but they know they’re there — then you’re not a very close team. The close teams are the teams that actually get in the arguments and fight and argue it out, because they’re comfortable enough with each other to do it.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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What really happened b/w Rondo and Coach Carlisle? Charlie Villanueva: Hmmm...well, two competitors who love the game…who want to win. Basketball is an emotional game. They are two strong-minded people. They had their disagreement but it is part of basketball. Things like that happen on every team and you go through it, move on and hopefully it makes the team better and stronger. Charlie Villanueva

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Q: So you are open-minded to re-signing with Dallas? Rondo: "Why would I not be? There are a lot of things that I really love. Even the practices, we listen to music, my type of music. It's the little things. Say we are going to California, we will play Too $hort and West Coast music. If we are going to Houston we might play chop and screw, Bun B or something like that. If we are going to New Orleans we might play Lil Wayne at practice, during shooting 30 minutes before practice. It's a cool way they run it. We get our work in. Yahoo! Sports

Rajon Rondo said he "hasn't had a change of heart" about re-signing with the Dallas Mavericks since his argument with Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle. "People say I'm not trying to be here, but I don't talk to anybody but the five people that are in my circle," Rondo said. "I will vent to them about where I want to be. I'm happy. I'm in a great situation. The best thing is the weather. I miss my kids. I miss my family. That's hard, as well not having them and you come home after playing a bad game. They are always there to cheer you up. That's been difficult. "I haven't had a change of heart about wanting to be here. But I said that in Boston, too, and look what happened." Yahoo! Sports

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