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Barnes is more of a hot-tempered, playground bully/team-bodyguard type whereas Smith is more of a loose cannon and silly prankster. But both are emotional, off-the-cuff players who do inexplicable things at any given moment that can hurt their teams either by drawing a technical foul, an ejection and/or suspension. Rivers’ answer to what a coach can do to reign in such behavior? Not a lot. “I just let them explode and then move on,” Rivers said, laughing. “There’s not much you’ve got to do. I had Rasheed [Wallace]. He probably was the test market for any emotional player. Rasheed was a great teammate, he was a great guy, but when he lost it, he lost it, and listen, better coaches than me coached Rasheed. … I came to the conclusion if they couldn’t stop it I’m not going to try.” NBA.com

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But Anthony, and many in the Knicks' locker room, continue to speak with reverence about the influence Kidd, Rasheed Wallace and Kurt Thomas had last season. "I think now we do miss J-Kidd, Kurt and Rasheed," Anthony said. Newsday

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Rasheed Wallace owes more than $150,000 in unpaid property taxes. His wife submitted an electronic payment last week for $34,686 dollars but when the county went to get the funds, they were told the account is not valid. It’s possible that because an electronic payment was made, the wrong account number could have been entered by mistake. We've all made typos, but the taxes remain unpaid. kgw.com

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The most recognizable name on a list of the biggest property tax dodgers in Multnomah County is former Trail Blazer Rasheed Wallace. He owes more than $150,000 on a nearly 9,000 square foot house in Southwest Portland, according to Multnomah County records. Wallace made about $80 million during his time with the Blazers. According to the county, there are liens against the property. After three years, the county can go to court and get a judgment. After six years of nonpayment, the county can auction off a property. The county says Wallace last made a payment in 2011. KATU.com

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Having Rasheed Wallace’s voice in your head while taking free throws doesn’t seem like the type of anecdote that yields positive results, but Andre Drummond’s improvement can be traced to Wallace’s “three points” of emphasis. Drummond is guarding those tips given by the Pistons’ new assistant coach as a precious commodity. “It’s a little thing me and him came up with to help me focus when I get to the line,” Drummond said. “I can’t tell you that. That’s between he and I.” Detroit News

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Felton pointed to the elderly bench of Rasheed Wallace, Kurt Thomas, Marcus Camby and Jason Kidd, who fell apart in the playoffs, as part of the team’s ultimate undoing, getting KO’d in the second round by the Pacers. With training camp opening Monday, none of those players are back. Three of them have retired. “We’re a younger team this year,’’ Felton said at an Under Armour appearance at Macy’s in Herald Square. “Kurt Thomas, Rasheed, love them like brothers. [But] those guys were 38, 39, 40 years old. Once they got injuries, they’re out and it hurt us last year. We’ve added Metta [World Peace], [Andrea] Bargnani, Kenyon [Martin] and Amar’e [Stoudemire] are coming back. Tim Hardaway [Jr.] looks great by the way. I’ve been most impressed with him. It gives us depth at that big spot and youth. Those guys are younger." New York Post

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