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January 21, 2014 Updates

The Sacramento Kings have recalled rookie guard Ray McCallum from the team’s NBA Development League affiliate, the Reno Bighorns, it was announced today by General Manager Pete D’Alessandro. McCallum will join the Kings in New Orleans and be available to play in tonight’s game against the Pelicans. NBA.com

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January 5, 2014 Updates

A lack of playing time figures to be the reason rookie guard Ray McCallum could play for the Bighorns again this season. Malone is happy with the job Jimmer Fredette is doing as Isaiah Thomas’ backup at point guard, leaving no time for McCallum. “I’m sure Ray will probably get another stint in the D-League,” Malone said. “... Ray’s obviously not getting a chance to play right now. At some point in the season, he will. We need to see what he can do up here in the NBA. But at the same time, we don’t want him not playing for long stretches, so I’m sure he’ll see the D-League at some point in the future.” Sacramento Bee

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CK: Are you anticipating going back to Reno anytime soon? Ray McCallum: Honestly, I have no idea. The situation was basically “Ray we want you to get some minutes. You haven’t played in over a month, so we want you to go down there and play three games. You’ll come right back and you’ll be with us.” So I went down there, played the three games, made the best of it. (I) kind of got to see where my game was and came right back. I’m right back here, so I don’t know anything else. That’s all I know. Cowbell Kingdom

CK: The competition in the D-League is definitely different than the NBA, but so is the lifestyle. Going down for an assignment, what was life like in the D-League for you in comparison to the NBA? RM: It’s definitely a huge difference. But more than anything, it’s a humbling experience for me just to see how much different the NBA and the D-League is. And it makes you really appreciate everything you have up here, so it kind of opened my eyes to that. But overall, it’s just not the NBA. It definitely makes you hungry to stay in the NBA and to call the NBA your home. Cowbell Kingdom

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November 27, 2013 Updates

The Sacramento Kings have recalled rookie guard Ray McCallum from the team’s NBA Development League affiliate, the Reno Bighorns, it was announced today by General Manager Pete D’Alessandro. Assigned to the Bighorns on November 21, McCallum averaged a team-high 22.0 points (.455 FG%, .308 3pt%, .667 FT%), 5.0 rebounds, 3.7 assists, 1.33 steals and a team-high 38.0 minutes per game in three contests. NBA.com

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November 20, 2013 Updates

As teams begin sending young players to their to NBA Development League clubs, guard Ray McCallum waits for his call to play for the Kings’ affiliate, the Reno Bighorns. The D-League season begins Friday. “Ray will definitely be down at Reno at some point,” said Kings coach Michael Malone. “I think what happens to a lot of NBA players, young guys, they view that as a demotion. My thing to Ray is you haven’t played a game since Oct. 13 when we played the Clippers in the preseason. This is great for you. Go down and get as many minutes as you can under your belt.” Sacramento Bee

McCallum said he’d be ready to play for Reno. “I’ve just got to do what’s best for the team,” McCallum said. “I haven’t played in a while, and if that’s the decision that they make that’s what I have to do. Just continue to work hard and if I go down there, go down there with the mindset to get better and show everybody I can play and everything I can do.” Sacramento Bee

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October 10, 2013 Updates

Malone said McCallum is certainly in the mix for playing time in the regular season. "There's no doubt," Malone said. "I think everybody that watched him play in summer league was impressed around the NBA. What he did in training camp and how he handled himself in his first preseason game as an NBA player was impressive. If he continues to work, get better and improve, he'll have an opportunity to earn some minutes this year." Sacramento Bee

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