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May 9, 2015 Updates
May 8, 2015 Updates

“I heard them saying, ‘Well, they shot too many free throws.’ Well, quit hacking us,” McHale said. “We shoot a lot of free throws when you decide that you’re just going to get in the penalty and start hacking everybody. You end up (with your opponent) shooting a lot of free throws when you put in your backup, backup center (Ekpe Udoh) to just grab guys. “James (Harden) goes downhill and plays hard. There’s a lot of contact when James plays. I can show you every game, five where he clearly gets grabbed and they don’t call. But I mean, James runs downt he floor. The referees are not trying to screw anybody. It’s a hard game to referee. I’m the worst referee in practices you’ve ever seen. I never blow my whistle. It’s a tough game to call. I don’t put too much into all that.” Houston Chronicle

May 7, 2015 Updates

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose has not taken a free throw in three straight games. That's the first time that has happened in his career, according to ESPN Stats and Information. After failing to get to the line again during Wednesday night's 106-91 Game 2 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau expressed his displeasure with the recent turn of events. "I guess he's got to go harder, I don't know," Thibodeau said after a long pause. "It looks like there's a lot of contact to me. But obviously others don't see it that way." ESPN.com

The former MVP didn't want to discuss his lack of free-throw attempts. "I can't think about that," Rose said. "I don't even want to talk about that. But I'm playing, and if they're not calling it, they're just not calling it. I can't be worried about (that)." Despite the lack of free-throw attempts, Rose still approached a triple-double, scoring 14 points, dishing 10 assists and pulling down seven rebounds. But he was just 6-for-20 from the field. ESPN.com

May 6, 2015 Updates
May 5, 2015 Updates

Do you anticipate any changes to the intentional foul rule? Gregg Popovich: “There will be a lot of discussion about the fouling, as there should be. But principle-wise, I fee’ really strongly that it’s a tactic that can be used. If someone can’t shoot free throws, that’s their problem. As I’ve said before, if we’re not allowed to do something to take advantage of a team’s weakness, a trade should be made before each game. ‘We won’t foul your guy, but you promise not to block any of our shots.’ Or, ‘We won’t foul your guy, and you allow us to shoot all uncontested shots.’ “So we’d have to make a trade. On an intellectual or principle basis, I think you’re on high ground. Now, visual-wise, it’s awful. It couldn’t be worse. I tend to side on the principle side where it’s basketball, and if we have a guy who can’t shoot and it’s an important part of the game, I should probably get him off the court. We’ll see how it comes out. I’m sure the way it looks will be discussed very seriously by the league.” San Antonio Express-News

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