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November 29, 2014 Updates

When Rob Babcock was fired, if he know that losing Vince Carter was either a certainty, or a likely possibility, why on earth did he pass on drafting Andre Iguodala? I recall in the wake of passing on Iguodala, the reason given was that the Raptors had Vince Carter. But if Babcock knew that we might lose Carter, this reason vanishes! Thanks, Eli A: Rob had only been on the job a few weeks and hadn’t been involved in any pre-draft workouts – and Vince’s desire to leave was not obvious on draft night – and Rob took the advice of people like Jack McCloskey, who thought Araujo was the best choice. Toronto Star

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August 4, 2013 Updates

Heard again this week: the Wolves will announce a front office promotion for Rob Babcock. He's expected to have vice president status. 1500 ESPN

August 1, 2013 Updates

Darren Wolfson: Also heard again today something buried in the Scoops two weeks ago: Rob Babcock is getting a front office promotion. #Twolves Twitter @DarrenWolfson

July 7, 2013 Updates
May 3, 2013 Updates

Sources confirm to 1500ESPN.com that, in addition to taking over the front office, former coach Flip Saunders will invest approximately $8 million in the Wolves. Saunders remains close with Wolves' director of operations, Rob Babcock, who's expected to stay on. Look for Saunders to hire his son, Ryan, from Washington. 1500 ESPN

June 1, 2012 Updates

''Between R.J. and myself, we picked up the stuff that Tony was doing,'' Babcock said. ''We're just kind of splitting it and David's doing some more work, too. Just kind of readjusting.'' Yahoo! Sports

''We don't have too many names yet confirmed, but we're in the process of doing so,'' Kahn said. ''A lot of the players still all believe they're in the lottery. So we've got 35 players who all think they're going to be lottery picks and they're a little bit hesitant to come and work out at 18. But those things sort themselves out.'' Yahoo! Sports

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