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The Lakers feel mixed about retaining him if they find better options in the draft and free agency. He is low-risk because of his relatively inexpensive price tag and demeanor. There is conflicting information whether his contract is guaranteed or non-guaranteed. Daily News

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Nick Young's goofy personality and unique style have earned him a nickname in the Lakers' locker room. "He's the Screech of the NBA," Lakers' center Robert Sacre told me. He's referring to Screech of late-80s/early-90s television show Saved by the Bell fame, and when he explained why, it started to make some sense. "Look at him!" laughed Sacre, pointing to Young across the locker room. "He's got the curly hair, the tight pants. He's ridiculous. He's Screech." SB Nation

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Bryant will make $25 million at 37 years old while Nick Young, Julius Randle and Ryan Kelly take up another $10 million. Various player options (Ed Davis) and team options (Jordan Clarkson, Robert Sacre) could add another $3 million, though Davis could opt out and drive that number even higher. Leave room for an estimated $5 million for their likely two first-round draft picks. It's easy to see the Lakers allocating $43 million toward only nine players amid a conservatively estimated salary cap of $66 million for 2015-16. Throw in troublesome mandatory things called "cap holds" and the Lakers have only $21.5 million to spend next summer on free agents. Los Angeles Times

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“I believe he’s been more helpful during this whole process and the preseason,” Sacre said. “He’s been really vocal as a leader. In the past, he hasn’t been as vocal. But this year he’s really been trying to communicate and help guys out. This year has made an effort to push guys but at the same time give them advice to make them better.” ESPN.com

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