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April 17, 2014 Updates

It’s hard to make sense of it considering four players I spoke with — LaMarcus Aldridge, Damian Lillard, Wesley Matthews and Nicolas Batum — all say they want Stotts back. It’s hard to fathom there’s danger for the guy who has coached the league’s best offense, and has guided the marked development of Joel Freeland, Will Barton, and Lillard while igniting career-best seasons from Aldridge, Robin Lopez, Batum and Matthews. Yet, from all appearances, Stotts is dangling in the wind. Oregonian

April 11, 2014 Updates

What happens when "Portlandia" meets the Portland Trail Blazers? As Thursday's Season 4 episode demonstrated, there was plenty of opportunity for humor as Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein's feminist bookstore owner characters decided to raise the consciousness of the NBA team's Blazer Dancers. Blazer players LaMarcus Aldridge, Thomas Robinson, Robin Lopez and Damian Lillard also turned up. Blazers owner Paul Allen even made an appearance, though in a different sketch. Oregonian

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January 22, 2014 Updates

This is not verified, but there’s a solid chance that Robin Lopez’s high-school yearbook voted him “Most Likely Future NBA Player to Be Named a ComicCon Ambassador.” The Portland Trail Blazers center, like his twin brother Brook, is a huge comic nerd, and now Portland ComicCon has announced that he’ll be playing a major role in their convention this year. “This is so exciting for me,” Lopez said. “The great thing about basketball is that it’s a passion for people — and the same thing with comics. When you can get those two interests to unite in some way, that’s pretty indescribable for me. That’s a good feeling to have both of them come together.” For The Win

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January 9, 2014 Updates

Q: On Twitter, you compared this team to the Goonies. What Goonie-ish qualities do you see in this squad? Robin Lopez: The Goonies are a close-knit group. They believe in themselves, even though there are doubters throwing darts at them outside. I posted that catch phrase a couple times, “Goonies never say die.” That’s pretty in line with the mentality of our team. I asked Damian [Lillard] if he had seen Goonies. He said no. I’m questioning how many people on this team have actually seen the movie. Oregonian

December 22, 2013 Updates

It's going to be a very merry Christmas in the Trail Blazer family. A 110-107 victory over New Orleans Saturday night at the Moda Center means the Blazers will greet Santa Claus with a 23-5 record, percentage points behind Oklahoma City (22-4) for the NBA's best record. "I've been a little surprised," said center Robin Lopez, who played for the Pelicans a year ago. "I'm not going to lie. But the second I got here and started playing with the guys, I had a very positive feeling. Chemistry has come together very quickly." Portland Tribune

December 20, 2013 Updates

Scout No. 1: They're pretty good. The most underrated move in the offseason was getting Robin Lopez. Big-time substance guy, dirty work guy, rebounder, defender, and allows LaMarcus not to have to do any of that stuff so he can play mid-range. Plays a ton of minutes for them. He's a huge help. Last year their starters were really good but the bench was atrocious, and now those rotational guys are now overseas - they weren't even good enough to play in the NBA. Replace that with Mo Williams and Thomas Robinson and Dorrell Wright. Batum is one of the best on-ball defenders in the NBA, tremendous defensively. I think it'll be tough for them once the playoffs come around. These guys, where's their big-time winner? They're doing it with guys who haven't really won. Blazers Edge

December 17, 2013 Updates

Finally, despite the advice from his legal representation, Robin Lopez discussed the origins of his dispute with Piston’s horse mascot Hooper, who Lopez assaulted prior to Sunday night’s game at the Palace at Auburn Hills. “I think that was kind of an inherited blood feud in a way,” said Lopez. “I know that there was some bad blood between him and the Brooklyn Nets the night before. I’m not sure who orchestrated it but I can’t help but feel I was the victim of that a little bit.” The “bad blood” stemmed from the part Robin’s twin brother Brook played in a vicious beatdown of Hooper a few night’s before, which prompted Hooper to take to Twitter to challenge Portland’s Lopez, leaving Robin little choice but to defend his honor and that of his family. Forward Center

December 13, 2013 Updates

This seems a bit like a skit on Saturday Night Live, but Lamarcus Aldridge and Robin Lopez appeared in a commercial for McLaughlin Auto Mall with some of the best singing and fake press conference material seen in a car commercial in a long time. Among Lopez’s endorsements: “In fact, that’s the whole reason I moved here. I loved the selection, the price and the service at McLaughlin Auto Mall … “ For The Win

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November 1, 2013 Updates

Hickson, who averaged 10.4 points and 12.7 rebounds for the Trail Blazers last season, says Portland is a special city to him and always will be. He just elaborated on why he's irked with comments the general manager made about him. And in the process, he took a jab at his replacement. “It just rubbed me the wrong way some of the comments that were made by [Trail Blazers general manager] Neil Olshey,” Hickson explained to CSNNW.com. “I heard something to the extent of, ‘For the Blazers to be better, we can’t bring JJ back.’ That was one of the ones that really caught my attention. I was like, ‘wait, what?’ And they go out there and get a new center [Robin Lopez] and he has only three rebounds.” CSNNW.com

To be accurate, Lopez had two rebounds in that season-opening 104-91 loss to the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday. But you get Hickson’s drift. "He can say whatever he wants to say," Lopez responded. "I'm a true center." CSNNW.com

In all fairness, Portland did Hickson a huge favor in the summer of 2012. According to a source briefed on the situation, says the Trail Blazers giving Hickson that one-year, $4 million qualifying offer was substantially more than what other teams were willing to pay to a player who had just come off of a inconsistent 2011-12 season between his time in Sacramento and Portland. The platform of having a starting job, albeit at center, with starter minutes, helped him immensely in securing a three-year, $15 million deal with the Nuggets. There were not many or any opportunities for him to start at other places prior to the 2012-13 season. CSNNW.com

October 4, 2013 Updates

The recent offseasons haven’t been so easy for Brook Lopez. There was the bout with mono three years ago, and then the three foot surgeries that stalled his career. But all this time away from the court has provided Lopez an opportunity to advance his eclectic interests, specifically a script for an animated adventure/comedy that he and his twin brother — Robin Lopez, a center for the Trail Blazers — have been shopping to television networks. “We have a pilot all written out,” says Lopez. New York Daily News

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