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Players don't question their relationship with you, which seems unique. Someone with the team told me you're the "personal touch" the team has needed through the years, especially for Kevin and Russell. How do you keep the guys motivated? Scott Brooks: I tell the players all the time, "I don't have the answers, you don't have the answers, but let's figure them out together." A lot of times they have great suggestions, and sometimes they don't, and you've got to let them know. I've always felt that the way you establish a relationship with your team is to always have a connection with the guys. I sometimes do free-throw competitions with them, but I'm still learning what really motivates the guys. People always say, "Are you a players' coach or not?" I say, "I'm a fair coach." If you give great effort to the team, I will do everything in my power to make it work. Luckily for me, Kevin, Russell and our leaders are great examples for all of our players. So very rarely do I have to coach the effort and get on guys. Bleacher Report

How alike and different are Kevin and Russell? Scott Brooks: They're both so competitive. Russell shows his competitiveness in a physical presence way. He wants you to know that he's coming at you and he doesn't like you and he doesn't care about what you think, where Kevin's competitiveness comes from, "Watch me. I'm not going to tell you what I'm going to do, but I'm going to be better than you." It's really a unique combination and they do a great job of really complementing each other. Early on in their careers, and I still do it occasionally, I put them on different teams in practice to see who can rally their teammates to beat the other guy. And they get after it. It makes the scrimmages much more intense. Bleacher Report

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"We're excited to have him," Brooks said. "He brings a toughness. He brings a scorer. He brings a competitor…It's going to take some time integrate him with our system. It's going to take some time to integrate him with the group, and even with me. There's going to be an adjustment period. We're not going judge him by one shootaround. We're not going to judge him by one game. We have plenty of time to continue to build his habits to make him a better player, day by day. We've always had that approach." USA Today Sports

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Approaching 30, it was Scott Brooks, a former NBA player and current coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder, who told Hawkins he was good enough to play pro ball. Two weeks later, he received a phone call from the Houston Rockets and beat out four other players to make the cut. His contract was $594,000. On Nov. 22, 2002, Hawkins started against Michael Jordan and the Washington Wizards. Hawkins says it was the best day of his life, even though the six-time NBA champion with the Chicago Bulls “didn’t respect me at all.” Jordan dared him to shoot the ball. Hawkins made a bucket on his way to scoring a career-high 14 points. Long Beach Press-Telegram

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Westbrook played with more control, his passing became contagious and the Thunder’s role players finally were able to get into a rhythm. The result was a runaway 103-94 Thunder victory. It was the Thunder’s fourth straight win, moving OKC to 9-13 while halting the Cavs’ win streak at eight. Westbrook finished with yet another fabulous all-around effort, scoring a game-high 26 points with seven rebounds and a game-high eight assists, six of which came in the second half. Westbrook made 12 of 24 shots in 36 minutes and helped limit Cavs point guard Kyrie Irving to 20 points on 21 shots. “He’s a force,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks said of Westbrook. “He plays at another level than any other point guard in this league.” Oklahoman

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Scott Brooks has been restricting Durant’s minutes as he works himself back, playing the superstar only around 30 minutes a night: the first seven minutes and last eight minutes of each half. “I’m used to a certain pattern my whole career,” Durant said. “Just got to adjust and adapt (to the new one). Hopefully it’s only for a few more games.” “I’m still playing 29, 30 minutes,” Durant said. “So I gotta do everything I can do in that time…I just gotta figure out the balance when I’m gonna do certain things and be aggressive.” Oklahoman

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Jeff Green broke up the media scrum before the game to give his former coach, Scott Brooks, a hug. “Been a long time since I’ve seen you,” Green told Brooks. “How you been?” “Been good,” Brooks told him. “Shooting a lot of threes, aren’t you?” “Yeah,” Green shot back. “Don’t leave me open. It’s going to continue to go up.” Boston Globe

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With the experience of deep playoff runs in their early 20s, the Big Three of Durant, Westbrook and Serge Ibaka are in their prime winning years now. With Ibaka turning 25 and Durant and Westbrook 26, this very season seemed to be the sweet spot. Instead, it has started out decidedly rotten. No team could expect to lose its two best players and stay afloat for long -- not even the Thunder, an organization that has done so much right in terms of managing small-market limitations and developing a perpetual wave of young talent. "Obviously, with some of our players out, we have to be realistic," Brooks said. "But the two things that never change are to play as hard as you can and play for your teammates." CBSSports.com

The Thunder's D-League team has since relocated to OKC -- and I don't mean that as a joke; the team literally has moved from Tulsa to Oklahoma City, making it an even more convenient and useful player development tool. The reality, of course, is that no amount of planning or player development can prepare a team for the injury wave that has engulfed the Thunder. "We've lost a lot of points out of our lineup – throughout the lineup, not just with Kevin and Russell," Brooks said. "I think the guys have done a good job of stepping up and trying to figure out ways to score for each other." CBSSports.com

And Thunder coach Scott Brooks had been so happy earlier in the day about getting Reggie Jackson back from injury for the Nets game. "Having nine guys is a lot better than eight," Brooks said, having turned to page 373 in the coach's handbook, in the chapter titled, "How to placate the media with gallows humor." Well, now it's back to eight -- and, by the way, Jackson shot 8-for-20 with seven turnovers in his return. "I felt like I let my team down," Jackson said. CBSSports.com

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