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Muhammad has definitely gotten better, but by changing his eating habits. He has gone from a fastbreak of double cheeseburgers as a rookie to dedicating himself to chicken salad, from approximately 245 pounds to 215 the second season, from out of shape as late as summer league last July to beach workouts that left him puking on the sands of Santa Monica, Calif., and because of it has gone from a focus of criticism to re-affirming his spot as part of the Minnesota future. NBA.com

Muhammad's usual release of getting on the court was not available -- he could barely get on the court. Instead, he ate himself to a weight that once seemed unimaginable. He heard the dissections that he was a selfish player and, as 2013-14 slipped away, that Minnesota would regret the choice. It has all made this season that much more satisfying. NBA.com

What did you do in the summer to lose 30 pounds? Shabazz Muhammad: I worked out with this guy (Frank Matrisciano) that used to work out with Blake Griffin for two years. He really got my weight where it needed to be and got me stronger and it really helped me out a lot. It was a lot of sand work. A lot of running, medicine balls. It was a lot of stuff. I loved doing it. Like I said, Blake Griffin did it for two years and his game went to the next level. It's something I can't wait to have also. NBA.com

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When Minnesota traded Corey Brewer to the Rockets, Timberwolves president/coach Flip Saunders said the move was made in part to develop Muhammad, who began starting after the deal. Muhammad is averaging 13.3 points on 49.5 percent shooting and 3.9 rebounds per game this season. The advanced stats that skewered him now show a player finding his way. His PER of 20.2 ranks 38th in the league, better than everyone else drafted in the 2013 lottery. NBCSports.com

To reach this level, Muhammad – a 6-foot-6 shooting guard – has developed a unique style. He calls himself a “power guard.” Muhammad’s game starts on the left block, where he loves to post up. The lefty frequently turns over his right shoulder, mastering a single move rather than exploring a variety of them. He augments his post scoring with putbacks. Muhammad offensively rebounds better than any guard in the game today, and few perimeter players his size have ever hit the offensive glass like he does. Muhammad has also made enough 3-pointers, 10-of-25 (40 percent) to keep defenses honest when he roams beyond the arc. “He’s a professional scorer,” Saunders said. “When he’s 60 years old, he’ll be at the playground scoring. That’s just what he does.” NBCSports.com

Muhammad underwent intense offseason training, dropping 30 pounds below his weight when he went to the D-League. He says he’s now at 215 pounds, and the difference is noticeable. Muhammad has already dunked 32 times this season, up from seven all of last year, including a couple highlight slams: NBCSports.com

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Target Center's video player tracking technology, STATS' SportVU, collects footage on the how much players run and tries to measure the energy level they exert. Muhammad often has an energy value that's at the top of the charts, but recently it's dipped in the second half. "We've seen lately where it dropped a little bit, and that's because his ankle seems to tighten up at halftime a little bit and gets a little tighter when we get into the second half," coach Flip Saunders said. St. Paul Pioneer Press

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