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December 14, 2014 Updates

Scott thinks so. "Jordan, back in the day, they said he was a tough guy to play with because he was so demanding," Scott said. "He was punching guys in practice and things of that sort. And Kobe is in that same cloth." Just ask Smush Parker, who once said Bryant told him in practice, "You can't talk to me. You need more accolades under your belt before you come talk to me." ESPN.com

June 5, 2014 Updates

Parker made an appearance on Highly Questionable with Dan Le Batard recently and was asked about Kobe. Although Smush was clearly tired of the subject, he did say the following about the five-time NBA champion: “He told me one day at practice — I tried to talk to him outside of basketball about football. And he looked at me in practice and was dead serious and said, ‘You can’t talk to me. You need more accolades under your belt before you come talk to me.” Lakers Nation

April 18, 2014 Updates

Ex-L.A. Lakers player Smush Parker is adamant ... he did NOT slug a 16-year-old high school kid in the face during a pickup game in NYC this week -- claiming it was just a hard foul. Parker has been under fire after reports surfaced that he got into it with prep star Wolfgang Novogratz last week -- and punched the kid in the face during a heated exchange. But Parker's manager James Hunt says it's all B.S. -- claiming there WAS a hard foul between the two ... but no punch was ever thrown. "Smush did not punch him in the face. It wasn't no assault or anything like that. It was a hard foul. He didn't hit anybody." TMZ.com

April 17, 2014 Updates
December 4, 2013 Updates

Smush Parker agreed to terms with MZT Skpje, according to Mario Mikulic. The former Laker has played with Cibona last season. Sportando

November 13, 2013 Updates
April 21, 2013 Updates
April 9, 2013 Updates

Smush Parker will not play in TB2L with Selcuk Universitesi because his former team, Peristeri, did not give him the letter of clearance. Parke started the season with Cibona on a one-month contract. Left Croatia, Parker moved to Peristeri where he was averaging 15.3ppg in 4 games. Parker left the Greek team for Turkey but Peristeri refused to release the LOC. Sportando

April 8, 2013 Updates
December 11, 2012 Updates

Ex-NBA Player Smush Parker will be announced today as a Cibona Zagreb player. Smush is well-known for his NBA days with the Los Angeles Lakers has their starting point guard on their least relevant seasons but especially for his feud with Kobe Bryant from a long time. TalkBasket

October 19, 2012 Updates

One thing from Bryant recently disturbed me, however. Speaking of how he "almost won an MVP with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown on my team," Bryant added, "What was I supposed to do, pass it to Chris Mihm or Kwame Brown?" This reminded me of a similar statement from a former '90s era star. When asked by Fred Kerber of the New York Post why he was shooting so much, the former '90s era star replied, "What am I supposed to do, pass the ball to Jamie Feick?" That former '90s star was none other than Stephon Marbury, and Jamie Feick was sitting in the locker room 10 feet away when he said it. At least Bryant does his takedowns from afar. CBSSports.com

October 13, 2012 Updates
October 12, 2012 Updates

Parker played in China the last two seasons and says he’s preparing for another season there in December. What was his response to Kobe bringing up his name on Wednesday? “I’m lost for words. It makes me blush. For my name to still come out of that man’s mouth? It makes me blush,” he told Hard 2 Guard. Larry Brown Sports

Though Parker termed playing with Kobe “overrated,” he respects the five-time champion’s game. He just doesn’t like his personality. “You can’t knock the man’s legacy, you can’t knock what he’s done in basketball. His work ethic is tremendous. There’s not an ounce of hate in my blood whatsoever. The guy can play basketball — you’ve seen that throughout his career. “What I don’t like about him is the man that he is. His personality. How he treats people. I don’t like that side of Kobe Bryant. Larry Brown Sports

“I had a workout with the Lakers, beat all the guards out for the starting position, earned a spot on the team. Midway through the first season, I tried to at least have a conversation with Kobe Bryant — he is my teammate, he is a co-worker of mine, I see his face every day I go in to work — and I tried to talk with him about football. He tells me I can’t talk to him. He tells me I need more accolades under my belt before I come talk to him. He was dead serious.” Larry Brown Sports

Parker described Kobe as someone who kept to himself. He says while he was on the Lakers, he never saw Kobe make an attempt to develop any kind of friendship with any one of his teammates. “On road trips, he traveled with his security guards. Those were the guys he talked to. On the team plane, he sat in the back of the plane by himself.” Larry Brown Sports

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