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December 19, 2014 Updates

They probably wouldn't put out a sign that says "everyone must go," but the feeling could be close to that in Auburn Hills. Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy confirmed his franchise is making calls to other teams to shake things up. "Yeah, we're looking to get better and we're looking to put ourselves in a better place down the road, too," Van Gundy said. "We're active, we're talking to people." Detroit News

December 16, 2014 Updates

Pistons coach and president Stan Van Gundy has promised to take a hard look at the roster and rotation during next week's Christmas break. And owner Tom Gores, who has said several times in the past that he thinks the roster has good players, didn't disagree with his first-year executive. "We've got to reassess what we're doing, and that's one thing great about Stan: He's not sitting around saying, 'Hey, we're just going to stick to the game plan.' He's changing things up," Gores said. "You've seen, he's got a different starting lineup at times. He reassesses things every single minute. So we're just trying to make progress." Detroit Free Press

But despite the worst start of his four-year stewardship, he remains confident in Van Gandy, who was given a five-year, $35-million contract in May to resurrect the franchise. The Pistons have a six-year streak of not making the playoffs -- the longest in the Eastern Conference. "I'm very, very confident about that, and you guys know me well enough to know that if I wasn't confident, I'd give you signals that I wasn't," Gores said. "I'm very confident that he's doing everything possible. He's losing more sleep than any of us here to get us the progress we need." Detroit Free Press

Head coach Stan Van Gundy also debunked the report by The Sporting News that the Pistons are seeking a first-round pick for Monroe, saying the team has approached no one, nor been approached by other teams, about trading the center-forward. Booth Newspapers

December 15, 2014 Updates

Head coach Stan Van Gundy also debunked the report by The Sporting News that the Pistons are seeking a first-round pick for Monroe, saying the team has approached no one, nor been approached by other teams, about trading the center-forward. Booth Newspapers

December 13, 2014 Updates
December 12, 2014 Updates

Van Gundy, after practice today here, said he appreciated the opportunity to discuss the 3-19 Pistons' issues with the last coach to win a championship here. Brown, now head coach at Southern Methodist University, was coach of the 2004 Pistons. Van Gundy said he called Brown about a week ago. "I've talked to Stan," Brown said on Frank Isola's and Mitch Lawrence's morning show. "He reached out to me a while ago. I admire him. I think he's a hell of a coach. I told him, 'Look, you're the coach, general manager, president, all the people on your staff love you and care about you. You've had success before. Just do what you do.' It's a process." Booth Newspapers

December 11, 2014 Updates

"As down and discouraged as I get right after games, as I told 'em today, it was another great practice today – even better than yesterday," Van Gundy said Thursday before the Pistons' flight to Phoenix, where they'll attempt to prevent a franchise-tying 14th straight loss Friday. "I still think that we've got a chance to be pretty good. How good, I don't know. But I think we've got a chance to be pretty good if we stay with it and I can figure out – my staff and I can figure out – ways to help them a little bit offensively, I think we've got a chance to be pretty good." NBA.com

With 13 consecutive losses, the Detroit Pistons' season is resembling a shipwreck. Jeff Van Gundy didn't expect completely smooth sailing for his brother Stan in his first season in Detroit, but the recent struggles have been troubling. "He took over the Titanic and it's sinking even quicker," Van Gundy told Frank Isola and Mitch Lawrence during an appearance on "SiriusXM NBA Radio." Booth Newspapers

December 9, 2014 Updates

"Obviously, we haven't gotten to the point where we've done anything different," Van Gundy said. "But the deeper you go, certainly, I think you're always evaluating your approach -- not just in terms of front office, but in terms of do we play other guys, do we sit certain guys? "I'm not a real quick-trigger guy but ... you're at a quarter of the season. It's been bad. I think you have to evaluate where you're going, and what you want to do, and what your objectives are, and all of that, and we've certainly talked about that, yes." Booth Newspapers

The Pistons have veterans who can offer spot help to a contender (Augustin, Caron Butler, even Jennings in the right situation). They have bigs they either might want to move, or who have no contractual obligations after this season, or both (Monroe, Smith, Joel Anthony, Jonas Jerebko). They have expiring contracts (Anthony, Jerebko, Monroe, Singler, Gigi Datome). Booth Newspapers

December 8, 2014 Updates

Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy isn't that concerned that center Andre Drummond decided to head to social media to let people know he was zooming along I-75 well over the speed limit Saturday. Van Gundy is more concerned about the safety issue. He remember being in the league when Charlotte Hornets shooting guard Bobby Phills was killed in a 2000 automobile accident where speed was a major factor. "I know you're young and you think you're indestructible, but for the people that care about you, it's scary as hell," Van Gundy said before Sunday night's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. "I don't want to wake up and read about Andre Drummond in an accident. That's the issue to me." Detroit Free Press

The website FanSided exposed Drummond's issue when it reported Drummond snapped a photo of himself speeding at 97 m.p.h. on I-75. He posted the photo to Snapchat, a photo-sharing service. That's when it was spotted by FanSided. The state's legal speed limit is 70 m.p.h. there is also the matter of Michigan's distracted driving law. Drummond, 21, fessed up after Saturday night's overtime loss to the 76ers. "Yes," said Drummond when asked if he was the subject of the photo at the Palace on Saturday night. "It was a silly mistake. I'll own up to it and move on from here. It won't happen again." Detroit Free Press

Van Gundy recalls having similar concerns with Wizards center Marcin Gortat when they were both with the Orlando Magic. At the airport Gortat would zoom off going over 100 m.p.h., worrying Van Gundy about his driving speed. "It's not just an example; it's safety," Van Gundy said. "I still to this day every time I see Gortat, I ask him if he's slowed down. "It's scary to me." Detroit Free Press

December 3, 2014 Updates

The Detroit Pistons' coach, wearied by a ninth consecutive loss Tuesday, 106-96 to the Los Angeles Lakers, tore into his team as one that is "messed up" mentally, "awful" offensively, and wracked with "dilemmas" -- he used that word five times -- that led them to play better in preseason than regular season. "We're really messed up right now, I mean we're really messed up as a team," Van Gundy said. "Lot of dilemmas. Lot of guys feeling pressure or whatever. But we're really not right mentally right now. That's what we talked about. That's got to change before anything else does." Booth Newspapers

But it was little things, like the Lakers diving twice for loose balls on the same second-half possession while the Pistons stood and watched, that gnawed at Van Gundy. "The real problem, in my opinion -- and I told them this, so I'm not speaking behind their back; I'll never say something to you I haven't said to them -- we don't play hard enough," he said. "There's too many nights -- in fact, almost every night -- where the other team plays harder and with more energy than we do. You don't deserve to win like that. You don't." Booth Newspapers

December 2, 2014 Updates

Here's what Van Gundy said to a question about whether he was satisfied with the pace of his offense and the number of possessions the Pistons got per game. "Our energy level in general, at both ends – half court, full court – needs to improve. We've talked about that a lot as a team. It's probably the No. 1 priority and encompasses a lot of things. We've got to get a higher energy level, a better motor. I don't totally know how to do that. A lot of that is within you. If I could only change one thing and I could wave a magic wand and change it, that would be my thing. We have to play with higher energy because it would take care of a lot of things. We do a lot of walking and jogging." NBA.com

November 26, 2014 Updates

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