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May 14, 2015 Updates
May 10, 2015 Updates

Beijing has extended the contract with former NBA star Stephon Marbury to 2017, the team's coach Min Lulei confirmed on Friday. "The team has extended the contract with Marbury for one year until 2017, which means he will play for Beijing for two more seasons," said Min while attending a forum at Beijing Sports University on Friday. China.org.cn

The 38-year-old Marbury, who signed a three-year contract with Beijing in 2013, has just led the team to their third and second straight Chinese basketball league title and was voted the CBA finals MVP. Min said: "Although Marbury is almost 40 years old, I believe in his ability and attitude. The team will give him a proper training schedule, and limit his playing time to save his energy while competing in future games." China.org.cn

April 21, 2015 Updates

Fresh off a third Chinese Basketball Association title, Stephon Marbury weighed in on the Knicks’ potential draft pick, fellow CBA point guard Emmanuel Mudiay, calling the mystery prospect a player who is “going to be really good.’’ In a phone interview from Beijing, the ex-Knicks point guard from Coney Island branded Phil Jackson “a visionary’’ and claims to “love the triangle.’’ New York Post

April 18, 2015 Updates

Stephon Marbury has a statue in front of the arena, a play based on his life, three Chinese Basketball Association titles and now will have a postage stamp named in his honor in a ceremony Saturday in Beijing, according to the former Knick. The Coney Islander has won three titles for the Beijing Ducks in four years, including last month’s triumph over the Liaoning Flying Leopards, during which he was series MVP. “It’s starting to take on a life of its own,’’ Marbury told The Post on Friday. New York Post

March 29, 2015 Updates
March 23, 2015 Updates

From suicidal thoughts to the top of the Chinese Basketball Association, Stephon Marbury’s truly improbable resurrection story hit another zenith Sunday, as the 38-year-old won a third title with the Beijing Ducks and was named Finals MVP. That’s back-to-back championships for Marbury and the Ducks, who knocked off the Liaoning Flying Leopards, 106-98, behind 24 points, seven assists, five rebounds and four steals from the former Knicks star. New York Post

March 22, 2015 Updates
March 19, 2015 Updates

After a 111-110 loss to Stephon Marbury and the Beijing Ducks, Lester Hudson vented his rage on anything he could find, including a reporter’s camera phone. After a crazy final minute that saw Marbury score six consecutive points for the Ducks to steal the win, Hudson thought he fouled Randolph Morris to stop the clock before the buzzer sounded. The refs though otherwise and decided to call the game. Basketball Buddha

March 9, 2015 Updates

When news of Marbury's game against Guangdong reached stateside, there was some murmuring on Twitter around bringing back the old man to the NBA. Some of it was serious, most of it was playful, some tinged with oddly placed nostalgia. He's not coming back, for a number of obvious reasons. It's just striking that He Can't Do It Anymore doesn't appear to be one of those reasons. "He has a long term deal and thinks of nothing but Beijing and China. The NBA is of no interest to Marbury anymore," the front office official told me. "Even though," the official added wolfishly, "he is better than a lot of NBA point guards right now." VICE

March 3, 2015 Updates

Brown reportedly feuded with Stephon Marbury a lot that season, but Brown said that wasn’t quite accurate. “Let me explain something to you,” he said. “Marbury was not our problem. That’s not fair. Isiah (Thomas) and Marbury were a problem because Marbury and Isiah were connected at the hip, and there was no chance for Stephon to be able to play for me. But he was a good kid and had really no chance (of) being successful the way the dynamics worked out. A coach needs to be able to coach a team and needs the president, the owner, the GM – everybody – to be on the same page. Jim Dolan gave me every chance to be successful, but we didn’t have any unity in the way that program was run. And as a result, it struggled. “If you look at the great NBA franchises,” Brown continued, “everybody that’s successful, they’re all connected at the hip. So I feel bad that I wasn’t able to help that franchise move forward. I’m hopeful that it will now that Phil’s running everything. That’s a chapter in my life that I don’t look back on anymore because I know I didn’t have a chance to be successful.” CBSSports.com

February 28, 2015 Updates

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