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July 12, 2013 Updates

World Peace recently completed a trip to Beijing and Qingdao, which further fueled his idea of playing in China should he be waived. A league source told ESPNLosAngeles.com that World Peace has explored the option of playing in China through conversations with former NBA players who have made the leap, figuring out if the path blazed by the likes of Stephon Marbury, Steve Francis and Gilbert Arenas would be right for him. "You don't live twice," World Peace said. "You're not 33 twice. You won't be able to play in China at a good level again. I wouldn't be able to play in China again averaging, maybe, 40 or more points. That would be fun." ESPN.com

June 26, 2013 Updates

Former NBA star Stephon Marbury said he no longer has the desire to return to the world’s most popular league while describing his ongoing stint playing professional basketball in China as more gratifying. “I don’t have the desire to play in the NBA anymore,” Marbury told a handful of scribes during a Tuesday dinner held in his honor at EDSA Shangrila in Ortigas. Tempo

June 4, 2013 Updates

Much of the attention players now pay to personal style began after the NBA instituted its dress code in 2005. That code essentially forced athletes into a more polished, business-casual mold whenever they are on team or league business. It prohibits shorts and tank tops, for instance, along with chains and medallions, and forced some players to revamp their wardrobe. At the time, Britto was working with both Latrell Sprewell and Stephon Marbury. “While some of the players didn’t agree with [the new rules], I went to Ozwald Boateng and a couple of designers in New York, Ron & Ron. Latrell commissioned upward of $350,000 in suits from Ron & Ron,” Britto said. “You had guys wanting to have the personality they played with on the court reflected in their personal style.” Washington Post

Stephon Marbury's ex-mistress is hell-bent on collecting her hush money from the ex-NBA star ... even if that means going after his precious assets, like a couple of luxury cars. TMZ broke the story ... Marbury and Thurayyah Mitchell -- the personal chef he boinked, while he was married, back in 2006 -- had an agreement: she would keep quiet about the affair, as long as he coughed up $900,000. Problem is ... Marbury stopped making payments around the $600,000 mark, so Mitchell dragged the NBA star to court earlier this year, where a judge ordered him to pony up the remaining $331,584.50. TMZ.com

May 9, 2013 Updates

Still, his China ambitions are not done yet as he has started down another career path - as a basketball coach. The opportunity came when Beijing Ducks head coach Min Lulei invited him to be his assistant during the National Games preliminaries last month in Chongqing. "It's pretty amazing. It's humbling ... it's something that you don't expect to happen so quickly," the 36-year-old told China Daily recently after helping Beijing qualify for the final stage of the high-profile event. "I made no secret that I want to coach basketball here in China and I want to be part of the growth and development here. This is definitely the beginning." China.org.cn

Marbury is also keenly aware of the cultural differences. Whereas basketball is an entertainment business in the US, it remains an outlet to show Olympic might for China. With that comes enormous pressure from media and Olympic-success obsessed officials. But Marbury, who has been dubbed "Ma Zhengwei (Commissar Ma)" by his legions of fans, remains upbeat. "I know (winning Olympic medals) is the most important thing, the CBA's been a platform for players to prepare to be that type to win a medal," he said. "That's the most important thing. "I feel like I have the resources and the understanding that it would take to not only win, but to build the guys up to the point where they will be able to play at that high level consistently. "I would love to be one of the people to help to do that. That would be a huge accomplishment in China's basketball history." China.org.cn

March 18, 2013 Updates
March 17, 2013 Updates

Stephon Marbury’s Beijing Ducks may have been sent home packing earlier than expected, but Marbury will be sticking around in Beijing to start another China career: coaching. In an interview on BTV, the 36 year-old guard announced that he will serve as an assistant coach for Beijing as they prepare to participate in the 2013 China National Games. He will work under his CBA head coach Min Lulei, who serves the same position for the Beijing Ducks. The National Games, which happen once every four years, are completely separate from the Chinese Basketball Association season. As a sort of intra-China Olympics, the National Games pit the country’s different provinces against each other in various athletic events, including basketball. NiuBBall.com

Marbury’s addition to the coaching staff comes on the heels of other big news this week. The Beijing team got a boost when it was announced that Sun Yue, who plays for Beijing Aoshen — a team that is not part of the Chinese Basketball Association — will be representing Beijing at the Games, in addition to several other Aoshen players. A longtime key contributor for the National Team, Sun will be one of the best players in the tournament. NiuBBall.com

March 7, 2013 Updates
February 24, 2013 Updates

In an interview with Bifenpai, Stephon Marbury admits that he wants to coach the Chinese National Team one day: "If they gave me the oppotunity, I would accept it. They have to continue to work hard, I think especially on their strength and conditioning. But the strength part is more important because the skills are there, I think they have to add more things. You don't have to take away things, because I think they're on the right path in China." Bifenpai

December 4, 2012 Updates

Ex-NBA star Stephon Marbury blasted the Chinese Basketball Association’s (CBA) strict sponsorship rules after he was fined for failing to cover up the logo on his own-brand shoes, state media reported yesterday. Marbury, whose Starbury line of basketball shoes is proving a hit in China, said it was "not right" that players were forced to wear footwear made by league sponsor Li Ning, or conceal the logo when wearing another brand. "Every player has his right to wear what shoes are right for his feet to protect his body and wellbeing while playing on the court," Marbury told the China Daily. BusinessWorld Online Edition

December 1, 2012 Updates

Ex-NBA star Stephon Marbury is refusing to pay another cent in hush money to a former mistress -- who worked as his private chef back in 2006 -- claiming his ex-lover isn't entitled to any cash ... because she blabbed their little secret to the world. You'll recall, the mistress -- a woman named Thurayyah Mitchell -- filed court docs back in October, trying to force Marbury to make good on the $300,000 he allegedly owed her as part of their confidentiality agreement. Mitchell claimed Marbury -- who's married with kids -- agreed to pay her $900,000 in exchange for her silence regarding the 2006 affair, but stopped making payments in 2010 ... after only coughing up $600,000. TMZ.com

November 8, 2012 Updates

Stephon Marbury showed the way by taking a detour around Europe and being the first NBA superstar who signed in Chinese CBA. Gilbert Arenas is ready to follow his footsteps. According to sources near the situation the former superstar of Washington Wizards has a deal with Shanghai Sharks after a week of practicing with them. EuroHoops.net

October 22, 2012 Updates
October 20, 2012 Updates

“Starbury” fired her in 2006, and Mitchell complained that she’d been the victim of sexual harassment. Marbury said he had considered their relationship “consensual” — but offered her $900,000 to keep her mouth shut. New York Post

October 19, 2012 Updates

One thing from Bryant recently disturbed me, however. Speaking of how he "almost won an MVP with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown on my team," Bryant added, "What was I supposed to do, pass it to Chris Mihm or Kwame Brown?" This reminded me of a similar statement from a former '90s era star. When asked by Fred Kerber of the New York Post why he was shooting so much, the former '90s era star replied, "What am I supposed to do, pass the ball to Jamie Feick?" That former '90s star was none other than Stephon Marbury, and Jamie Feick was sitting in the locker room 10 feet away when he said it. At least Bryant does his takedowns from afar. CBSSports.com

October 15, 2012 Updates

According to Qingdao’s general manager, Sheng Xishun, the Eagles’ goal with McGrady is to win a championship. But with the idea that his new signing will stick around for three years to rival Beijing’s Stephon Marbury as the CBA’s most popular foreign player, the goal for this year is to just make the playoffs. Good call when you consider the team saw a whopping seven players leave the team in the off-season, including the top Chinese scorer in the entire league in 2011-12, Li Gen. NiuBBall.com

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