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March 13, 2015 Updates

The inability of the NBA and NBPA to agree on a strategy for incorporating TV money follows other signs of a fraying relationship between league and NBPA leaders. Roberts, for instance, has complained about players being artificially “deflated” by restrictions on salaries while various players have taken critical notice of the Los Angeles Clippers selling for $2 billion and the Atlanta Hawks likely to sell for over $800 million. The rise of Paul and James as NBPA leaders also invites concern that they will prioritize the financial interests of superstars over other players. The NBA, meanwhile, has independently-audited financial records to show a number of teams are losing money. Moreover, the league’s sound business strategy on television and international growth—not to mention NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s adroit handling of the Donald Sterling crisis—appear to have benefited players as much as owners. Despite these achievements, tensions between the NBA and NBPA seem to be rising. Sports Illustrated

March 12, 2015 Updates

Former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling says he could have gotten more than the record $2 billion paid for the team last year but the circumstances of the sale "markedly reduced" the price. The comment was contained in an amended complaint that Sterling's lawyers filed last week in his lawsuit against the NBA over the sale, the Los Angeles Times reported. The suit seeks at least $600 million in damages. ESPN.com

March 10, 2015 Updates
March 2, 2015 Updates

Michael Jordan is a rookie on the Forbes billionaire list, coming in at a tie for the 1,741st richest person in the world. Though the Nike Air Jordan brand continues to do bonkers sales ($2.25 billion in 2013, from which Jordan earned $90 million), the biggest reason for his leap onto the list is his ownership in the Hornets — his stake in the franchise now supposedly worth over $500 million after Steve Ballmer dropped $2 billion on the Clippers. Now that MJ has cleared this imaginary hurdle, total happiness and fulfillment are surely close behind. The Big Lead

February 14, 2015 Updates
January 27, 2015 Updates

Near the top of Forbes’s rankings are former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s Los Angeles Clippers. Before purchasing the Donald Sterling-defamed Clippers, he ran the computer software empire during the peak of Microsoft’s development of touch-screen interfaces. Conveniently, the league source describes a marriage between Ballmer’s former business and Lasry’s alleged dirty hobby as the key to to an endless revenue stream that NBA owners anxiously seek to tap into. “In addition to all of the regular bets we already have, you’ll be able to sit at an NBA game or on your couch and bet on jump shots by pressing a button on the iPad or your cellphone or any of the gadgets,” explained the league source. “You’ll do this as much as you want throughout the game.” Breitbart News Network

January 13, 2015 Updates

Mikhail Prokhorov has retained Evercore Partners to manage the sale of the NBA franchise he bought in 2010, according to Bloomberg, citing two sources with knowledge of the situation. Prokhorov, the 49-year-old Russian billionaire, owns an 80-percent stake in the team, which is valued at $1.3 billion, according to an expert quoted in the Bloomberg report. But the sale price could exceed the $2 billion that Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer shelled out last year to purchase the LA Clippers. New York Post

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November 9, 2014 Updates

Q: What’s it like to interview with Steve Ballmer? Gillian Zucker: He’s extremely intense. It’s question after question after question. He’s also very specific, and he expects very specific answers. You definitely need to know your stuff to hang with him. But, he’s got this incredible energy, and he’s got a brilliant mind. In one of the meetings we had, he asked me a bunch of questions – kind of a series of questions. And, in his head, he did some sort of calculation and threw out to me, ‘Well then it means this.’ It was the type of thing that most people would need time and a computer – or definitely a piece of paper and a pen to process. He just did it all in his head. I just started laughing, and said, ‘If we’re going to hang together, I’m going to definitely have to carry a calculator.’ Orange County Register

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October 16, 2014 Updates

Steve Ballmer was pretty excited at the first fan rally after he took over the team. He was jumping around, high-fiving fans, giving us chest bumps. The media and the Internet ran with this. They tried to turn him into a joke. Ballmer was everywhere. People cut up his speech into a montage and put it on YouTube. All the players thought it was awesome. Personally, I love that kind of crazy. Ballmer wants to win no matter the cost. Donald Sterling didn’t care if we won — at least if it meant he had to spend money. It wasn’t just about spending money on players. For years, our training staff wanted to buy this sophisticated computer software that would let them scan our bodies and keep track of our progress throughout the season. Sterling wouldn’t sign off on it. The Players' Tribune

October 12, 2014 Updates

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