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March 17, 2015 Updates
March 3, 2015 Updates

NBA legend Steve Francis was the victim of a violent chain snatching at a rap show in Houston this weekend ... and TMZ Sports has footage of the brazen attack. The 38-year-old, 3-time NBA All-Star was onstage with the Sauce Twinz -- a Houston rap duo -- when someone crept up on the unsuspecting Francis and tried to rip his gold chain right off his neck. TMZ.com

January 10, 2015 Updates

Steve Francis says the reports of his demise have been greatly exaggerated ... telling TMZ Sports he's not only doing perfectly OK, but he could still ball up 20-somethings in the NBA if he wanted to. The Franchise was out in D.C. when our camera guy asked the 37-year-old if he's maintained his skills since he last played in the league back in 2008. TMZ.com

January 11, 2014 Updates
September 16, 2013 Updates

Stephen Jackson’s previous appearance on ESPN’s Highly Questionable went so well, they couldn’t resist bringing him back last week for an encore performance. This time, completely unprompted, he got to tell Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones the tale of how he ended up with his hand around the throat of former NBA All-Star Steve Francis during a recent club run-in. Jackson explained: “We wasn’t never cool. I don’t hang with him. I don’t call him. We’ve never been in the same circles. It was too packed for me to get to the stage. So I go in the DJ booth…and as soon as I start rapping, he jumps on the back of the DJ booth. “I don’t know why he jumped up there. He bumped me two times with his midsection. I felt his belt on my neck. So the third time he does it…I turn around and I ask him to get down. He said something crazy, one thing led to another, my hand end up on his throat and next thing he in cuffs.” San Antonio Express-News

September 11, 2013 Updates

It may not have been the "Malice at the Palace" but former San Antonio Spurs forward Stephen Jackson got into a scuffle with former NBA guard Steve Francis. Jackson, who also has a rap career, was doing his thing on the mic at a night club when Francis decided to steal some of the spotlight from "Stak 5". In the video below, check out Jackson rapping to the crowd when Francis is standing behind him and seems to get into words with someone else. That's when the scuffle begins as the video quickly shows Jackson choking Francis (at 25:30 point) as the crowd is trying to separate the two. ProjectSpurs.com

July 12, 2013 Updates

World Peace recently completed a trip to Beijing and Qingdao, which further fueled his idea of playing in China should he be waived. A league source told ESPNLosAngeles.com that World Peace has explored the option of playing in China through conversations with former NBA players who have made the leap, figuring out if the path blazed by the likes of Stephon Marbury, Steve Francis and Gilbert Arenas would be right for him. "You don't live twice," World Peace said. "You're not 33 twice. You won't be able to play in China at a good level again. I wouldn't be able to play in China again averaging, maybe, 40 or more points. That would be fun." ESPN.com

September 24, 2012 Updates

Recently, Jalen Rose admitted he tried to stick his foot when Kobe Bryant took a jump shot during the 2000 Finals between the Lakers and the Pacers. Back in the day the media talked a lot about some similar plays that happened during your career with Steve Francis, Jamal Crawford... Also, there was a statistic that you likely contested around eight hundred shots per year during your 13-year career. What's your take on that? BB: I can't control what others say or think. The only thing that I can do is control what I do, and I know that for me there was no malicious harm involved, I didn't try to purposely harm someone. It just happened that I was a very aggressive player and those guys that came down on my foot, it was just a byproduct of me being close to them. I never intentionally tried to allow someone to come down on my foot. I came down on people's feet before as well, but I never read anything about that. That happens in the game of basketball. HoopsHype

June 5, 2012 Updates

Steve Francis bounced around area high schools, at age 18 endured the death of his mother and stopped at two junior colleges and the University of Maryland before a nine-year NBA career that brought the 35-year-old Takoma Park native and guest of honor to the microphone on Sunday. Behind him was a new basketball court with glass backboards, padded stanchions and his signature, painted between the half- court and 3-point lines, part of the $70,000 donation the Steve Francis Foundation made to Montgomery County Parks to renovate Takoma-Piney Branch Local Park. Gazette.net

June 4, 2012 Updates
April 25, 2012 Updates

Well, wonder no more: The former Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic and New York Knicks guard is now the impresario behind fledgling hip-hop label Mazerati Music, which is sort of like Maybach Music except with fewer rappers you've heard of (READ: probably no rappers you've heard of). He's even spitting some himself, as evidenced by the official video for his new cut, "Finer Things." The song itself is very perfectly Steve Francis, in that it is pretty soundly stuck in the mid-2000s. Yahoo! Sports

November 3, 2011 Updates

Dwight Howard apparently encountered little difficulty convincing current and former Orlando Magic players to participate in his charity exhibition game Nov. 13 at UCF Arena. Kevin Samples, Howard's manager, said that barring unforeseen conflicts, 18 people have committed to play, including former Magic players Vince Carter, Penny Hardaway and Steve Francis. Orlando Sentinel

October 12, 2011 Updates

The festivities for "Maryland Madness," the Maryland basketball version of midnight madness to kick off the college basketball season on Friday night, is coming together. Already, the alumni game was featuring four of the five starters from the Terps' 2002 NCAA championship team. Now, a couple other prominent former Terps will be involved. According to a team press release, Steve Francis, Eric Hayes and Jerrod Mustaf are also expected to be playing in the game, which is scheduled to begin at 10:30 p.m. on Friday. Those two will join Juan Dixon, Steve Blake, Byron Mouton and Chris Wilcox. SB Nation

October 7, 2011 Updates

A well-known Washington-area sports manager has sentenced to three years in prison for hiding income to avoid paying more than $1 million in taxes. Nathan A. Peake, 41, of Silver Spring, admitted in federal court in the District that he didn't file tax returns from 2000 through 2007 and diverted about $5.8 million in management and agent fees from his business to personal accounts. Washington Examiner

Peake was the manager and business partner of Steve Francis, a former University of Maryland basketball star who later played for the Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic and New York Knicks. Washington Examiner

August 9, 2011 Updates

Francis said he would welcome returning to the NBA. He’s playing three days a week at his personal court in Houston while frequently jogging and biking to build up cardio. He hopes to resume pickup games in September. “I think I’m doing good now because unfortunately it’s a lockout, and I have time to not rush myself to be at the top level like I did before I went to China,” Francis said. “I have time over the summer to really improve myself and try to set up a workout with a team.” Washington Times

Francis also centers his business ventures in the D.C. area he still calls home. He always has been a fan of hip-hop and decided to seriously pursue that passion in 2000 by starting a record label, now called Mazerati Music. He took a more active role in the label after his basketball career began to slow down and now dedicates much of his time to promoting Washington hip-hop. “Even though he’s based in Houston, Steve’s whole thing is really to break some major artists in D.C.,” Francis‘ business manager Nate Peake said. “His home base will always be Washington, D.C., and he’ll never forget that. He’s never gotten away from that.” Washington Times

July 31, 2011 Updates

Former NBA star Steve Francis thinks the sexual assault charges against him are a "he said/she said" kind of thing -- but he told our photog yesterday ... his wife doesn't believe the allegations, and that's all that matters. A woman named Shauna Simien claims Francis groped her back in May 2010. She filed a complaint, but so far no charges have come of it. TMZ.com

July 29, 2011 Updates

Teams often sign their own contracts with foreign players outside the purview of the CBA, according to people familiar with the situation. Various reports put Xinjiang’s contract with Quincy Douby at more than $1 million a year. A New Beijing Times report last November said former NBA star Steve Francis’s 2010 contract with the Beijing Ducks, cut short after the team released Francis in December, was also worth at least $1 million a year (in Chinese). Ex-NBAer Stephon Marbury, who played for Foshan last season, made less than $300,000, Foshan executives revealed to local media in January (in Chinese). Wall Street Journal

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