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March 12, 2014 Updates

Out of respect for Woodson, Kerr wouldn't express interest for a job that's not currently available. "I understood the speculation, because I said publicly that I'd like to coach," Kerr told Newsday Tuesday during a CBS/Turner breakfast previewing the NCAA Tournament. "Then obviously there's my relationship with Phil. So people put that together and all of a sudden I come to New York and my phone was blowing up. "So I understand it, but it's not something I want to discuss. It's sort of unfair. Put it this way: I'm very uncomfortable talking about a job that doesn't exist and one that is occupied by someone that I have a lot of respect for. So I'm not even going to go down that road." Newsday

Sources close to the situation with Kerr have said for a while that Kerr wants to explore coaching and with Jackson he could get an interesting runway especially if the name of the game for the Knicks is tear it down first to rebuild in a better way. Kerr could get a nice honeymoon year next season and have his feet completely on the ground for 2015 when a rebuild could take place. Basketball Insiders

March 11, 2014 Updates
March 10, 2014 Updates
February 15, 2014 Updates

Consider that three second-generation players were selected to participate in Sunday night’s All-Star Game here: Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves and Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. (Bryant, voted in by the fans, will not play because of a knee injury.) Even more progeny are on the way. Two of this country’s top college players — Andrew Wiggins, a freshman at Kansas, and Jabari Parker, a freshman at Duke — are sons of former N.B.A. players. Both are expected to be lottery picks whenever they decide to make themselves eligible for the draft. Players and coaches cite several factors in the rise of second-generation players, who tend to benefit from genetics (it helps to be tall) and from early access to top-notch instruction. Steve Kerr, a former guard and front-office executive, likened the setting to being immersed in a “basketball think tank” from childhood. “When you grow up in that world, you’re exposed to the best teaching and the best coaching,” said Kerr, an analyst for Turner Sports. New York Times

February 11, 2014 Updates

Q: Did you give the Warriors permission to talk to Amare about a contract extension as a step in a possible trade? Steve Kerr: We never got that far. That would’ve been part of it. He would’ve been a free agent the following summer–obviously teams are reluctant to trade for coming free agents. That would’ve been the next part of the conversation… a physical and an extension and that kind of stuff. San Jose Mercury-News

Q: When you took Earl Clark over Jrue Holiday at 14 was that partly because you thought you had Curry and didn’t want to draft two point guards? Steve Kerr: We liked Holiday a lot. We still had Nash, we had Goran Dragic who we loved and we had a potential thought we had a potential deal involving Curry. We didn’t know what was going to happen. And so you toss all that together, we were thinking, ‘Well, we could end up with four point guards. Do we take a guy and then just let it sort out later?’ That’s probably the right thing to do, just take the best player and sort it out later. San Jose Mercury-News

December 5, 2013 Updates

The NBA is back on SiriusXM! SiriusXM NBA Radio launches Monday, Dec. 9, on SiriusXM channel 217. Hosts on the channel will include former players and coaches, and the best analysts and play-by-play voices in the business, including Steve Kerr, Kenny Smith, Nancy Lieberman, Stacey King, Lionel Hollins, Mike Dunleavy Sr. and Sam Mitchell. Sirius XM

November 24, 2013 Updates

Steve Kerr has been where Chris Grant is. Kerr, the former Cavalier who won five championships with Chicago and San Antonio in a 15-year playing career, served as president of basketball operations and general manager with the Phoenix Suns from 2007-10 before rejoining TNT as one of the cable network's most popular broadcasters. "I’ve been a GM and I know how hard that role is,'' Kerr said in a telephone interview with The Plain Dealer last week. "It’s very easy to all of a sudden be on the receiving end of criticism. It’s a really difficult position to be in. Obviously, in the end, we’re all in a results-driven league. Over time, Chris’s performance and the team’s performance will go hand-in-hand. "It’s way too early to definitively come out and say, 'Boy, this isn’t working.' Let’s give it some time. [No. 1 draft pick Anthony] Bennett is 10 games into his career, Dion Waiters is in his second year, I think [Tristan] Thompson is really developing and Kyrie [Irving] is a potential All-Star. They’ve done some good things, and I think it’s as simple as starting to win some games, and then the pressure will ease.'' Cleveland Plain Dealer

November 10, 2013 Updates

Again, that’s scary for coaches. If you make 100 decisions in a game and 80 of them go well, you can be certain that some portion of the 20 that failed will come up somewhere—on Twitter, on Facebook, in a team-based blog or on a national website. “I think it is a little bit alarming for the coaching fraternity,” TNT analyst Steve Kerr said. “Those guys know what they’re getting into and they get paid a lot, but they want a little more job security. And it doesn’t appear that there is a whole lot of it. I think part of it is just the pressure to win these days, with so much media scrutiny, of every team and every coach. You’re getting moves scrutinized in real time and that can create a groundswell of criticism and pressure on a coach. I think you are just going to see more turnover in the next few years.” Sporting News

October 24, 2013 Updates

To those with an eye for it, there was also basketball greatness in Williams. Jordan saw it. Joe Dumars saw it. Kerr calls Williams, “maybe the most physically gifted player I ever saw.” Most of all, though, Phil Jackson saw it. He said he had “a special relationship with Brian.” After Williams left the NBA, in 1999, Byrne received an email with a message from Hampton Mears, the longtime Lakers scout and Jackson confidant. “If Brian is interested [in returning to the NBA] he should get in touch with Phil, or Jerry West. They need and want him and start with high respect for Brian as a man and as a player.” SI.com

October 17, 2013 Updates

Steve Kerr, a fellow TNT analyst who won three consecutive titles with the Chicago Bulls in the mid- to late 1990s and is already on record saying he predicts the Bulls will unseat the Heat: "I think Miami trying to get to the Finals for a fourth straight year, since it hasn't been done since the mid-'80s, that's pretty compelling, particularly because the East is a lot tougher now. There are four pretty good teams besides Miami, with the Knicks, Nets, Chicago and Indiana. It's going to be tougher for Miami, and they've got to go through probably at least two difficult (playoff) series just to get to the Finals." USA Today Sports

September 17, 2013 Updates

No team has won three consecutive championships since the Los Angeles Lakers' run from 2000 to 2002. No team has advanced to four consecutive NBA Finals since the Boston Celtics from 1984 to 1987. "There's a reason these teams don't do it," Kerr said. "Emotionally, it's just exhausting to keep doing it year after year, particularly when you have to deal with everything Miami has to deal with on a daily basis, just the constant critiquing and scrutiny on the team, and then you factor in the injuries with Wade and Bosh and their health. "I don't think Miami will get out of the East this year." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

September 12, 2013 Updates

Portland General Manager Neil Olshey, as those of us in the Moda City know, acquired a defensive presence as starting center — Robin Lopez — along with veterans Mo Williams, Dorell Wright, Thomas Robinson and Earl Watson to fortify what a year ago was in the conversation for the worst bench in recent NBA history. “I love what Neil has done, adding the firepower off the bench,” Kerr says. “That’s pretty significant improvement. The Blazers have a chance to be a lot better.” Kerr is a little more uncertain about Houston, which made the biggest splash of the offseason by landing Dwight Howard along with role players Ronnie Brewer, Reggie Williams and Marcus Camby. “I’m really anxious to see how that works out,” Kerr says. “It’s going to be interesting to see if the pieces fit.” Portland Tribune

My pick for the best offseason in the West is the Los Angeles Clippers, who have added J.J. Redick, Darren Collison, Jared Dudley and Antawn Jamison, along with re-signing free agent Chris Paul — the latter the most important offseason player move in all of the NBA. “Slipped my mind,” Kerr says. “I like what they’ve done a lot. Maybe their biggest acquisition was getting Doc Rivers as coach. Everything they’ve done has the potential to get them to that next step and put them up there with Oklahoma City, San Antonio and the top teams. “I’m a huge Jared Dudley fan. I love Redick. What they can do with him coming off screens and curls can improve their offense and get them more flow and options offensively. It’s so much harder to guard guys who can fly off screens. Think about what Doc did with Ray Allen (in Boston). They’ll be much improved.” Portland Tribune

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