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April 16, 2015 Updates

Nash also said he is committed to making sure the Canadian basketball explosion is not just a one-off. “It’s up to us now to continue that and to give the next generation an opportunity to be the same as this one. Make this a sustainable flow of talent and make us a real presence on the international stage, where we are actually going and competing for medals at world and Olympic games,” he said. Toronto Sun

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As Lillard was finding his way at Weber State, Nash was always example No. 1 that he could achieve anything from anywhere. "He's always been an inspiration," Lillard said. "I was always a fan. I'm from the Bay Area, so I knew of him at Santa Clara." Oregonian

"It was an unfortunate injury," Lillard said. "It didn't even feel like it was a bad collision. I was sorry it happened." So instead of facing an icon he idolized as a kid, Lillard will be forced to ponder what could have been as he roams the Staples Center on Friday night. "He had a great career, played a long time," Lillard said. "He will be remembered as one of the greats." Oregonian

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March 24, 2015 Updates

Q: Did you know all in that he would be all-in when it came to that approach? I can't imagine it was a tough sales job when you told Steve what you wanted to do. Mike D'Antoni: "Well you know I think we both kind of pushed the envelope a little bit. It was so new back then, and everybody was really against it. Other coaches around (were against it). We were kind of going against the wind and against the prevailing philosophies. So being a newer coach here, and having a team, thank God I had the backing of the Colangelos when we first started. And we just kind of pushed it together, in the sense of, 'Well maybe we can do that. Maybe yeah, let's go.' I kept gaining more confidence in him, and vice versa. And we were able to play off each other. "To be honest with you, we could have even pushed it further. I think that just being first in the water, we didn't go to the deep end real quick. It took a while to get to the deep end. But we could have been more, a little bit better approach at that if we had the analytic backing that they're showing you today. We could have been more creative. But being the first out, I'm proud of how it went." USA Today Sports

Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki joined ESPN's NBA Lockdown podcast this week. Here are some highlights from the interview. On Steve Nash retiring: “I wasn’t really surprised. I kind of knew what was going on since October, that his body didn’t let him compete anymore at the highest level, so I was just surprised by the timing, that it came out now. I think it was a relief for him, that he’s happy it’s over with. I told him already in October that I was proud of him that he had an amazing career. He overcame a lot in his career with his health and being short and white and slow and unathletic and to be one of the greatest ever is an unbelievable achievement.” Dallas Morning News

March 23, 2015 Updates

The two quickly became fast friends, and honed their games while often practicing on Friday and Saturday nights while their teammates were off doing other things. But with Nash being saddled with one injury after another, it was no surprise to Nowitzki that the 19-year veteran point guard announced his retirement this past Saturday. "I knew at the beginning of the season where this was headed,’’ Nowitzki said. "This wasn’t news for me. "He wanted to retire, really, in October.’’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Nash was an eight-time All-Star, three-time first team all-NBA selection, and won the league’s Most Valuable Player award in 2005 and ’06. "Honestly for a whatever, 5-10, guy from a little town in Canada he had an amazing run,’’ Nowitzki said. "He was one of the fiercest competitors I’ve ever been around in my 17 years in the league. "He always worked on his game, always worked on his health and his body, on his core strength and legs. He was just constantly working at it – he was an animal.’’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram

I also saw the effect his actions had on his teammates, as one by one they began adopting elements of the "Nash diet," most notably Jared Dudley, who came to Phoenix as a chunky, undersized combo 3/4 and eventually slimmed down to play the 2 (even the great Shaquille O'Neal, renowned for his lack of dietary discipline, cut sugar out of his diet and ended up an All-Star MVP). ESPN.com

"I had incredibly high hopes coming here," Nash said as part of a 45-minute conversation Friday in his living room, some of which you might have already seen on SportsCenter. "I wanted to do great things in this city," he said. "And it didn't happen. But a big part of why I came here was because I wanted to be in the fire. I wanted to be judged. I wanted to be under pressure in my last chapter. I didn't want to fade off. "And in some ways, I got bit by that. But that's what I wanted. That is the way to end your career ... [playing with] the most risk and the most reward. I accept it. It's been a great experience, regardless of the noise out there." ESPN.com

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