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Steve Novak, admittedly disappointed Woodson ignored him in the Indiana series, candidly said the achievement of making it out of the first round for the first time since 2000 was a very minor step. "I think there’s been so many different feelings,'' Novak said during Trash-Bag Day. "People have said, ‘it’s the furthest the Knicks have been in so long.’ But for us, we weren’t really focused on getting further than the team had been in awhile. We really were focused on putting ourselves in a position to win a championship, and once the regular season ended, we felt like we were in a good spot." Sulia

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Considering his numbers, versatility and a changing league bent on 3-pointers, Copeland may seek Steve Novak money, according to a person familiar with the situation. Novak landed a four-year, $16 million package last summer. Copeland has become a more versatile scorer — a 3-point specialist who can put the ball on the floor and score in the post. Novak got the big number from the Knicks because, through an appeal with the Player’s Association, they were awarded Novak’s early Bird rights. New York Post

The Knicks won’t have any such rights in retaining the obscure Belgian Leaguer. The only other team that sent a scout last season to the Belgian League to watch Copeland was Miami, according to a source. It was quite a find by European scout Kevin Wilson, who is regarded highly in the organization. The Knicks will extend Copeland his $900,000 qualifying offer to keep him restricted so they can match an offer. But they may be prohibited from matching any offer more than $3 million. They would have to use one of their precious exceptions — the $1.9 million biannual exception or the $3 million mini mid-level exception given to luxury taxpayers. The Knicks don’t have the full $5 million mid-level because of their lousy cap situation. Copeland makes the league minimum, $473,000, this season. New York Post

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As the Knicks move on to the second round tomorrow, it will be without Steve Novak and Amar’e Stoudemire. Novak is out indefinitely with back spasms as he missed last night’s series clincher after sitting out the second half of Game 5. Mike Woodson wasn’t even sure Novak will be back by Tuesday’s Game 2. The Stoudemire issue is in flux. Woodson had said Stoudemire would be back for the second round but because the Celtics series was extended to six games, Stoudemire was unable to start scrimmaging. When asked if Stoudemire would suit up tomorrow, Woodson said no. “He’s not at that stage yet,’’ the coach said. New York Post

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Like the rest of the world, the Knicks were sickened and horrified by the news of the deadly bombings in Boston yesterday. “It’s sickening. I have a son, a lot of people have sons,” said Steve Novak, specifically addressing the tragedy of the 8-year-old boy who was killed. “It’s just sick sometimes what goes on. That’s the world we live in and those kind of things happen. You can’t live in fear. You’ve got to live your life, it doesn’t change. “The fact it was a marathon, a sporting event, it hits close to home for all of us. You just hope it stops. You just can’t know what goes on in somebody’s head.” New York Post

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Bulls guard Nate Robinson vigorously applied the “Discount Double Check” championship belt after hitting a three- pointer during a 118-111 overtime win over the Knicks at the United Center on Thursday night, apparently mocking Steve Novak in their ongoing dispute over the celebration. After hitting his fifth long ball of the game to give Chicago a 97-90 lead with a little more than six minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, Robinson applied the belt roughly seven times as he walked toward the Bulls bench after the Knicks called timeout. His teammates, as you might expect, couldn’t contain their laughter. SI.com

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