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These developments were mostly curious to me until my dear friend (and Lakers assistant coach/triangle offense guru) Tex Winter began privately expressing concerns about Jimbo’s influence on the franchise several years ago. Tex is the most honest, unfettered soul I’ve met in 30 years of stalking the hallways of basketball. He has had no real agenda other than winning games and Tex considered Jim Buss a major loose cannon, particularly in his dealings with young center Andrew Bynum. Jim’s approach created a strange atmosphere around the team, according to Tex, who had spent more than six decades coaching hoops. He had been the steadying force for the Bulls franchise when it was being ripped apart by a war between Jackson and Jerry Krause. HoopsHype

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Chris speaks now for the old coach he calls, simply, "Dad." At 89, the elder Winter has recovered as much as he's going to recover from a stroke suffered in 2009. If ol' Tex could draw up a play to beat it, he would. But this is an opponent no amount of grace or beauty can match up against. "I read him pretty well, but this is not what's on his mind all the time," Chris said. "At a certain point, I just make things up. You're getting it second hand. Sometimes it's things he's told me, sometimes it's things I think he's told me, and sometimes it might just be my opinion." CBSSports.com

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