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"Those thoughts" about whether he could physically commit to, say, three full seasons "came to my mind." He is already planning to "pull back" in 2015-16 and delegate more, once he has a chance to put a preferred staff together rather than cobbling on the run during a season. (Expect Karl to make a push for the highly respected Tim Grgurich, one of his long-time top lieutenants.) NBA.com

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Back on the Pepsi Center practice court on Thursday morning was a familiar face – that of former Nuggets assistant coach Tim Grgurich. And if he hadn’t been gone for so long, it really was as if he never left. He bounced around from player-to-player, chatting, rebounding for free throws, talking to coaches and sometimes just standing off to the side and observing. Nuggets coach George Karl has long tried to get Grgurich back into the organization after he left in 2010. And while this is very temporary – a few games – Karl couldn’t be happier to have the calming influence and basketball smarts of one of his best friends in the business. “He gives me eyes, the pulse of the team,” Karl said. “Someone to give me another opinion on where he thinks we need to go and what steps (to take). There’s still two or three small steps of progression this team needs to make and your time in practices gets shorter. So having him prioritize here in the next week or two is important.” Denver Post

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Bucks rookies John Henson and Doron Lamb are back in Las Vegas this week to participate in veteran NBA assistant Tim Grgurich's skills camp. The camp opened Monday and will conclude Thursday. Henson and Lamb played well for the Bucks summer league team which compiled a 4-1 record in Las Vegas last month. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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Despite Brown's relationship with Grgurich and the fact that the veteran coach already owns a house in Manhattan Beach, it won't be easy for the Lakers to land Grgurich, as Carlisle has lauded Grgurich's contributions to the Mavs' championship run on numerous occasions since Dallas' Game 6 victory in Miami. ESPN.com

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The Mavericks have an informal relationship with longtime NBA assistant coach Tim Grgurich. He’s friends with just about everybody on the staff. He spent a lot of time with the Mavericks through the preseason but took leave of them for the last couple months. He was back on the bench Tuesday night. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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One of the clinchers that convinced highly sought assistant Tim Grgurich to join Dallas' staff was an allowance from team management for Grgurich to pick and choose the games and practices he attends. The Mavs have also encouraged the popular skills coach known simply as "Gurg" -- long regarded as one of the league's best one-to-one teachers -- to mix in some scouting assignments and even work occasionally with players from Dallas' D-League affiliate in nearby Frisco as opposed to obliging him to sit behind the Mavs' bench for every game. ESPN.com

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Jason Terry is learning what Shawn Marion and many other NBA players have known about the understated Tim Grgurich. So excited about his week working with “Gurg” after practices at Dallas Mavericks training camp, Terry wanted to share it with the world, via Twitter, of course. “Xtra shootn with gurgs great workout we gotta have him on staff his mojo is real.” Translation: Terry is sold on “Gurg.” The Mavs might be, too. Sources have told espndallas.com that they hope to bring Grgurich on as an assistant under coach Rick Carlisle. The confidant of George Karl in Seattle and Denver, Grgurich recently walked away from the Nuggets, torn over the direction and recent turbulence within the franchise. His decision was a sensitive one. Twelve of his 18 years in the NBA have been with Karl, who is returning to the bench after a difficult bout with throat cancer. ESPN.com

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