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April 25, 2015 Updates

Bulls rookie forward Doug McDermott was in the locker room before a game last month when he was told about a rumor that his father, Greg, had called the front office to complain about his son’s lack of playing time and about the role coach Tom Thibodeau played in that. ‘‘Trust me, I heard it,’’ McDermott said, acknowledging it was bothersome. ‘‘I actually talked to my dad right after someone brought that to my attention in the locker room. I called him up and was just kind of laughing, almost. He was like, ‘What are you laughing about?’ I said, ‘You hear this rumor going out that you called the front office and stuff?’ He started laughing.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

‘‘My dad would never do that,’’ McDermott said. ‘‘He’s a coach, and he has to deal with parents all the time, calling him up all the time. Boosters [and] parents calling all the time about playing time, everything. He would never do that. He has too much respect for the coaches here, [general manager] Gar [Forman] and Pax [vice president of basketball operations John Paxson], all those guys. He would never do that.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

April 24, 2015 Updates

People close to Thibodeau are convinced the Bulls will fire him after this season, though the front office has always played down the tiff in terse public statements. Grantland

When asked about the constant speculation regarding his job, and the fact that his name continues to pop up for openings around the league, most recently for the Oklahoma City Thunder's job that became available earlier this week when Scott Brooks was fired, Thibodeau brushed the talk aside. "It's all noise," Thibodeau said before Game 3 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals against the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday night. "That's why it's so important, I think, to establish a routine. You stick to it no matter what. You do it each and every day, nothing should ever change. Put everything you have into getting ready to play and understanding what goes into winning. All that stuff's a bunch of nonsense." ESPN.com

Wittman doesn’t always come across as the most engaging and inviting person. He can be curt and guarded with members of the media. He won’t offer much insight on his tactics or his opponents. Before Game 1, Wittman implored reporters to hurry up and ask their questions because he had work to do. No one laughed and Wittman didn’t smile; he wasn’t joking. Washington Post

In a five-minute speech before the series began, Wittman fired up his players by tugging at their hearts. According to Beal, Wittman told them to “cherish each moment,” and reminded them that postseason appearances aren’t promised. Wittman then pointed to the 37-year-old Pierce and said, “Paul, this might be your last time ever making it to the playoffs.” Beal said the speech nearly pushed him to tears. Pierce said, “It was inspiring.” Wall has been one of Wittman’s staunchest supporters because of the way he pushed him on the defensive end and held players accountable. He added that Wittman is always working behind the scenes to get more from his team. Washington Post

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April 16, 2015 Updates

Magic officials have maintained since firing Vaughn that Borrego will get a chance to interview for the full-time post, but Martins did hint at the club's interest in veteran leadership Wednesday night during the final broadcast of the season on Fox Sports Orlando, saying: "We want to find the right, experienced coach for this group." In addition to Skiles, sources say that the Magic also have interest in both Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau -- who is widely expected to part company with the Bulls at season's end -- as well as Florida coach Billy Donovan. ESPN.com

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March 10, 2015 Updates

Ric Bucher: The worst kept secret in the NBA is that Tom Thibodeau is not getting along with the Bulls' front office and that the expectation is he will be gone at the end of the year regardless of how deep the Chicago Bulls go in the playoffs. Bleacher Report

March 9, 2015 Updates

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