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March 3, 2014 Updates
March 2, 2014 Updates

Point guard, unquestionably, is the most difficult position for a rookie to learn. So patience has been high with Burke. “Huge responsibility on both ends of the floor,” Corbin said. “You usually start and finish on plays and you have to be ready to go the entire time. There’s really no breaks because you have to engineer or get your guys on the offensive end set to get into plays. Defensively, you have to try and stop or [hinder] some of those plays being run by the other team. “It’s a difficult spot for him, but he’s shown that he’s capable of handling the load and he’ll continue to grow.” Boston Globe

March 1, 2014 Updates

Jazz CEO Greg Miller on the quiet Jazz trade deadline, and contentment with the team as constructed: “I’d say that this has been a very good developmental year. Going into the season, we stated openly our plan is to go young and develop the young guys into a championship contender. I think the development we’ve seen has been exactly what we’ve hoped for. And I’m happy with it.” CBSSports.com

Greg Miller on whether the new CBA is helping small market teams stay competitive: “I think it’s had the effect of leveling the playing field. The luxury tax is now so punitive that even the markets with deeper pockets would have to be really crazy to go into that. I can tell you that as long as our family owns the team and the current tax structure, you’ll never see the Jazz go into the luxury tax. The playing field has been leveled somewhat. I think it’s a good thing for small markets. I think it’s a little too new to have a completely clear picture of the impacts. I think based on what we’ve seen, it’s been good for small markets and good for the league.” CBSSports.com

February 26, 2014 Updates
February 25, 2014 Updates

Because he is among the best 3-point shooters in the league — he makes 49.3 percent from the arc — Fredette figures to attract much attention once the waiver process begins. Because Fredette played at BYU, he has long been linked to the Jazz, but sources indicated that Utah showed no interest in trading for him last week, even at a rock-bottom price. Sporting News

February 24, 2014 Updates

Jazz rookie Rudy Gobert was supposed to bring donuts Monday’s shoot around. He forgot…so his veteran teammates filled his car completely with popcorn. Ah, the joys of being a rookie. John Lucas uploaded a video to Instagram after the prank saying, “When you don’t do your rookie duties, this is what happens to you,” to which Gobert jokingly commented “F*** ya’ll.” beyondthebuzzer.com

Jefferson understands that history was made Sunday night in Los Angeles. And even though Collins may have friends in higher places now due to his historic announcement last spring, Jefferson still sees Collins as his silly brother who knows how to win and will do all the little things to again help the Nets win. "I think everyone knew there was going to be a gay athlete," Jefferson said. "Even with [Missouri football player] Michael Sam, it was just only a matter of time. Every sport has had one, every sport most likely has one currently playing. ... But it takes a lot of courage to come out [like Collins did]." Added Jefferson: "I don't care what it is that you do. I don't care who it is that you are with, I don't care how it is that you dress, I don't care what it is that you drink. I don't care what it is what you and your wife do in your bedroom. At the end of the day, you are going to have to win games. "And Jason Collins will help you win games. That is all that matters." ESPN.com

February 23, 2014 Updates

What do you think about the Jazz honoring coach Jerry Sloan and putting his name in the rafters? Andrei Kirilenko: They should have done it a long time ago. He definitely deserves it. Coach Sloan, Karl Malone, John Stockton ... that’s a huge era for Jazz basketball and it definitely needs to be shown here in Salt Lake City. I give huge credit to Utah. It’s always been a team who really worried about team chemistry, being a family, rather than just teammates. The tradition continues. Of course it’s a little bit different, but all the memories are still there. Deseret News

February 19, 2014 Updates

Problem is, the Jazz have no interest in sending Hayward anywhere, a source told Sporting News this week. “They’ve made it clear they are going to let the year play out and go from there,” one rival general manager said. “They’re not out there trying to trade him at all.” Sporting News

The feeling among the league executives is that Hayward will be part of the team’s future—depending on how the draft lottery shakes out. If the Jazz target one of the top small forwards in the ’14 draft, like Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker, then Hayward could be expendable in a sign-and-trade. But that won’t be known until May, or even June. Hayward’s long-term future could be up in the air, then, but in the short term, he should remain in Utah. Sporting News

February 18, 2014 Updates

The Celtics have expressed some interest in acquiring Utah's Gordon Hayward, a league source tells CSNNE.com. Hayward, who starred for Celtics head coach Brad Stevens while at Butler, will become a restricted free agent this summer after he and the Jazz could not come to terms on an extension this past fall. CSNNE.com

It would appear the one thing that might nudge Utah towards giving serious thought to dealing Hayward, would be if the Celtics were willing to part with at least one of their stockpiled first-round picks. But two league sources, both having had recent conversations with the Celtics, told CSNNE.com on Tuesday that Boston is "very reluctant" to part with any of their first-round picks in facilitating a deal. CSNNE.com

The owner and CEO of the Utah Jazz is set to be featured on the CBS reality TV show "Undercover Boss." Greg Miller disguised himself a few times over for an episode that chronicles game-night happenings at EnergySolutions Arena. Miller tried out four jobs alongside Jazz employees, including a halftime performer and a human basketball hoop. He also served up burgers and hotdogs as a concessions worker. ESPN.com

February 12, 2014 Updates
February 10, 2014 Updates

Like many, John Lucas III was appalled when he found out Salt Lake City elementary school students had their lunches taken away and trashed a couple of weeks ago. Lucas called his agent and told him, “Hey, man, that’s not right.” Feeling annoyed and compassionate, Lucas decided to do some things that are very right. For one thing, Lucas is planning on making a financial contribution to help fund Uintah Elementary School’s lunch program. The NBA player, with a history of generosity and benevolent acts, also reached out to the family of one of the approximately 40 students whose meals were thrown in the garbage because of alleged insufficient funds in their school lunch accounts. Lucas bought Jazz jerseys for an 11-year-old, a parent and four friends and purchased tickets so they could attend last Monday’s home game against the Toronto Raptors. “I wanted them to enjoy the game because I know it’d been a rough couple of days for them,” Lucas said. “I just wanted them to forget about what was going on and just enjoy being a kid and not worrying about anything.” Deseret Morning News

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Karl Malone and John Stockton are followed by a player whose jersey was just recently retired by the Jazz and another one that gets booed when he returns to Salt Lake City.

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