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May 3, 2015 Updates
May 2, 2015 Updates
April 30, 2015 Updates

The Hawks can finish off the Nets in Game 6 in Brooklyn Friday night. If they do, Game 1 between the Wizards and Hawks would be Sunday at 1 p.m. in Atlanta. If the Nets win to force a Game 7, then the Wizards would have to wait until Tuesday to play the Hawks in Atlanta or the Nets in Washington. Washington Post

Temple’s availability will be welcomed – he’s one of the team’s top perimeter defenders – but this story isn’t about his on-court contribution. This story is about his recent car purchase. NBA players, like most young people with money, spend lavishly and cars are usually atop the shopping list. But until a few weeks ago, Temple’s ride was a no-frills navy blue 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche. After eight years and 93,000 miles, Temple finally replaced the SUV, known as the Blue Beast on campus when he attended LSU, with a Mercedes Benz S63 AMG. “I feel guilty driving it still,” Temple admitted. Washington Post

Temple’s father bought him the Avalanche when he was in his second year in Baton Rouge in January 2007. His mom suggested he opt for the leather interior, but Temple chose the lowest-level model with cloth because it was cheaper. Two LSU teammates also owned an Avalanche so he fit in. That changed in the NBA. “You got Bentleys driving up,” the 28-year-old Temple said. “You see drop-tops. You see Ferraris and all this stuff. But I was good.” Washington Post

April 29, 2015 Updates

When Pierce orders you to get up, fans can’t help but comply, even if he’s been here for all of seven months. Who was the last Wizards star who had both a massive aura and the game to back it up? “That’s just me,” Pierce said on Tuesday. “I mean, if you go to YouTube, [search] Paul Pierce starting in 1998. You’ll see the same things.” And the social media troublemaking? “I just look at it as … just good banter,” he said, smiling broadly. “Good banter. That’s the word.” Washington Post

April 28, 2015 Updates

Eric Koreen: On Pierce: "I believe in those old-school guys. They're phenomenal. They want to cut your head off. … It was my way of supporting our team." Twitter @ekoreen

April 27, 2015 Updates

In a post that spans three entirely different topics in just six paragraphs, Theodore takes aim at WJFK-FM personality Chad Dukes, adding armchair radio program director to his already impressive resume as a sports franchise owner. It seems this has been bothering him all weekend. “On Friday, in drive time rush hour radio, from 500 pm to 600 pm, on 107.6 FM, the conversation wasn’t about the Wizards upcoming game, it was about bacon and potato casserole recipes, and favorite Seinfeld episodes. Is there any other market in America that sports talk radio converses about Seinfeld in drive time on the night of an NBA playoff game? Or the night before a big away Caps playoff game? Perhaps this is why Wizards and Caps fans don’t tune in? These kids today.” — Ted Leonsis, via http://tedstake.monumentalnetwork.com Washington Post

Paul Pierce tormented the Raptors all series – from “It” to a huge Game 1 to “That’s why I’m here!” So, once the Wizards completed their sweep of Toronto, Pierce sure wasn’t stopping. He took aim at his old friend Drake, whose last album was “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late:” Paul Pierce: Drake a fool lol NBCSports.com

April 26, 2015 Updates

Pierce has been the second-best player in the series, after John Wall, turning back the clock with 56% shooting from deep — many of them daggers and averages of 16 points and three rebounds on 56% shooting (after averaging 11.9 points on 45% shooting in the regular season). Pierce talked the talk and now has walked the walk. So does DeRozan wish he had just ignored Pierce? “Nah. Nah. It’s part of the game. Why not? Nothing would have changed,” DeRozan said before what could be Toronto’s final practice of the season on Saturday morning. Toronto Sun

April 25, 2015 Updates

Washington Wizards forward Kris Humphries, who was briefly married to Jenner’s step-daughter Kim Kardashian in 2011, also tweeted what appeared to be a reaction to Jenner’s announcement. Kris Humphries: "Man, I'm glad I got out when I did." Humphries was slammed on Twitter for the insensitive remark, but clarified on Saturday that he fully supports Jenner. For The Win

"The Jazz organization, they do a good job. It's very family oriented, they do a lot of stuff for the fans. I mean, it's just great," Booker said. "Washington was a great experience, but I definitely enjoyed my time here in Utah a little more (than his previous four years in Washington with the Wizards)." Deseret News

Almost an hour after the Washington Wizards defeated the Toronto Raptors on Friday, Wizards forward Paul Pierce still hadn't taken that big postgame exhale. He was still pumped in the aftermath of a 106-99 victory, giving the Wizards a 3-0 series lead. "My adrenaline is through the roof right now," Pierce said. "I'm trying to come down." USA Today Sports

His personality and game has dominated the series, starting with his comments at the beginning of the series, saying Toronto didn't have that "it" factor. He scored 20 points in Game 1 and 10 in Game 2, and would not elaborate on what "it" is, though you know it when you see it. And Pierce has it. "I'm going to leave it for you guys to try and explain it and think about it and go over this small two-letter word for the rest of the series," he said. "I'm going to leave it at that." USA Today Sports



Gilbert Arenas and Antawn Jamison are the only two new-era players cracking the Top 10.


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