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January 15, 2014 Updates

Matthews Sr. entered the 1980 NBA Draft and was taken at No. 14 by the Washington Bullets. He completed a 10-year, journeyman NBA career that brought about two championship rings during his time as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers in the late ‘80s. During those championship runs with the Lakers, Matthews Sr. and Moore gave birth to Wesley Matthews Jr. in the fall of 1986. Shortly after, according to the Trail Blazer guard, Matthews Sr. “took off,” leaving the child before he ever knew his father, in a place where everybody else did. “I’m living in probably his second-most popular city that he’s lived in other than Bridgeport,” he said. “I mean, he’s the man in Wisconsin. I’m carrying his name and I knew nothing about him other than that everybody else around me loved him. And I’m having the toughest time trying to figure out why the hell he’s not around.” CSNNW.com

Headway has been made, but not much. Matthews says his dad made the step of trying to enter his life when he was a senior in high school. A hardened Matthews was reluctant and hesitant to embrace him, and much of that remains today. Matthews Sr. continues to make a concerted effort to be a part of his son’s life. He’ll show up at road games and keeps in touch through text messages. Matthews -- Sr. and Jr.. -- are the exact same way when it comes to their competitive juices. After road games, the father will converse about the game. He’ll break down what went wrong and point out things that most people won’t even notice with expertise that only ex NBA players have. CSNNW.com

January 9, 2014 Updates

After watching the Blazers go through the motions in a lackadaisical and laughable first-half performance in which they trailed the meager Magic 51-45, coach Terry Stotts did something he has rarely — if ever — done during his two seasons in Portland: He lit into his team with a passionate tongue-lashing at halftime. “He cussed us out at halftime,” Matthews said of his coach. “First time I’ve seen that much emotion from him. And I think we fed off that coming into the second half.” Oregonian

No player would reveal the specifics of Stotts’ halftime speech — “I can’t repeat any of it,” Matthews quipped — but the message was simple: The Blazers’ defense and effort was borderline embarrassing in the first half, and Stotts urged them to search for the early-season edge that thrust them from underdog to juggernaut. Oregonian

December 7, 2013 Updates

"A little bit of everything," Blazers guard Wesley Matthews told Blazersedge, when asked what created the video game numbers. "Open shots, rhythm, flow of the game. Whenever we pass the ball, we can almost predict when the other person is going to make that shot. We know when that ball is coming, we know when the shot is coming, rhythm shots are what you practice all the time." Blazers Edge

December 3, 2013 Updates

The win, which came in a playoff-like atmosphere before an energized crowd, improved the Blazers’ record to 15-3, their best after 18 games since the 1998-99 season, when they also opened 15-3. “We’re a pretty damn good team,” Wesley Matthews said, when asked what Monday night’s win showed. “And we can beat anybody.” Oregonian

December 2, 2013 Updates

“We’re getting team’s best shots,” Blazers shooting guard Wesley Matthews said. “People are getting up to play us now and we’re demanding team’s best and we have to have ours at all times. We’re not a cool team. Some teams are cool teams. We don’t have cool players. We have dogs. And we have to play like that at all times.” Oregonian

December 1, 2013 Updates
November 26, 2013 Updates

Aldridge suggested on Twitter Saturday that Wesley Matthews should be a contestant in the Three-Point contest during All-Star Weekend. As of Monday night, Matthews ranked No. 2 in three-pointers made in the NBA and No. 11 in three-point percentage (rankings subject to change when Basketball-Reference updates). "If I'm selected I'll go and represent Portland," Matthews told Blazersedge. "If not, I'll go home, rest, recharge and make them pay after the All-Star break." Blazers Edge

I asked him whether he would launch a campaign for inclusion in the event. His response: "You can do it if you want to." That sounds like an open invitation to his fans. Let me know if you launch a video or a petition or something. Blazers Edge

November 25, 2013 Updates
November 24, 2013 Updates

A total of three players were ejected from Portland’s 113-101 road victory over Golden State on Saturday in the aftermath of a third quarter scrum. There was quite a bit going on in this on-court altercation, which carried toward the courtside seats near the Warriors bench before it was eventually broken up by the referees and coaches from both sides. Bogut eventually swung his right forearm and elbow to clear Freeland off of his body, which prompted a number of Blazers to come to Freeland’s defense. SI.com

A third-quarter fracas broke out late in the third quarter of the Portland Trail Blazers' game at the Golden State Warriors on Saturday night, leading to the ejection of Wesley Matthews and Mo Williams. Golden State's Draymond Green also was ejected, and technical fouls were assessed to LaMarcus Aldridge, Joel Freeland and the Warriors' Andrew Bogut. Matthews was assessed a technical as well, but the ejection came because it was his second technical of the game. Williams received a straight ejection. The pushing and shoving came after Bogut threw an elbow to the jaw of Freeland as they were battling in the paint with 3:42 to play in the third quarter. Oregonian

November 16, 2013 Updates

“We feel like we’re going to win every game when we play. That’s the mentality we’re supposed to have,” Matthews told CSNNW.com. “I felt like we could compete in games last year. We knew we were going to be in games, and for the most part we were. But this year we feel like we can actually win every game.” CSNNW.com

November 6, 2013 Updates
October 25, 2013 Updates

Portland Trail Blazers guard Wesley Matthews returned to the court Friday, two days after suffering an irregular heartbeat following Wednesday's practice. Matthews, who sat out Thursday's preseason finale, underwent an electrical cardioversion on Wednesday afternoon, and his heartbeat has returned to normal, the team said in a release. Oregonian

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