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So yes, he'll tell you, he badly wants to win the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year award and considers himself deserving. And yes, with the next challenge coming Friday against the Dallas Mavericks and an ABC game at 3:30 p.m. Sunday against the Houston Rockets, he would love to keep hitting his shots at such a ridiculous rate that he tops the great Wilt Chamberlain and sets a new mark for single-season field-goal percentage (Chamberlain set the mark of 72.7% in the 1972-73 season with the Los Angeles Lakers, and Jordan is currently at 71.5%). But Jordan, a man of Christian faith who has scripture tattooed across his chest and a smile typically on his face, isn't about to lose sight of what truly matters. Not with the lesson he learned by losing a friend he'll never forget. USA Today Sports

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Aaron Levi says the late Wilt Chamberlain is his father. The knee-jerk response is to say, “Get in line.” Wilt, after all, once boasted he’d slept with 20,000 women, so he could have conceivably (pun intended) left a gym full of offspring behind. Philadelphia Inquirer

Now, Pomerantz is writing about Wilt’s son, or someone who claims to be. Which is big news because, as far as anyone knows, Chamberlain never had children. In the March 9 issue of Sports Illustrated, Pomerantz documents Levi’s journey to find his biological parents. Levi, a 50-year-old, 6-5, printmaker and digital artist in San Francisco, was adopted in 1965 by an Oregon couple. In old side-by-side photos, he looks like a young Wilt. Pomerantz writes of Levi meeting his 76-year-old English-born birth mother in the autumn of 2010. “Elizabeth,” which is not her real name, tells Levi she is positive Wilt is his father. Philadelphia Inquirer

Levi says he doesn’t want any money from Chamberlain’s estate, which is a good thing because Pomerantz talks to Sy Goldberg, Chamberlain longtime lawyer, who says there isn’t any. What Levi does want is closure. He contacted Chamberlain’s sister, Barbara Lewis, who says she won’t give a DNA sample. Wilt’s other sister, Selina Gross, didn’t return calls. Philadelphia Inquirer

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Q: You enjoyed playing with Wilt? Jerry West: He was one of the most uniquely different people that I’ve ever been around in my life. I felt that at times he never felt he got the credit due him. The two of us were probably pretty easy targets, because you would think that someone of his stature would have won more than two NBA championships during his career, and it was grossly unfair how people looked at him like that. And hell, I had never won a championship playing alongside one of the truly great players who never gets his due, and that’s Elgin Baylor. I had kind of an interesting relationship with [Wilt], particularly our last year together [1972-73 season]. It was really interesting because many nights we would, unbeknownst to most people, we would go in his room or my room and have dinner, and talk about a lot of things, many of ’em not basketball related, to be honest with you. But I found him to be very introspective, also now in many ways like all of us, the insecurities that we all have sometimes as athletes. It’s easy to feel great about when you win championships. New York Post

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Norm Drucker, the only NBA referee to toss Wilt Chamberlain from a game, died Friday. He was 94. Drucker's son, Jim, confirmed his father's death to the NBA. Norm Drucker worked NBA games from 1953-69, then moved to the ABA from 1969-76, also serving as that league's supervisor of officials for five years. He returned to the NBA when the leagues merged to spend one more season on the court (1976-77) before becoming the NBA's supervisor of officials until 1981. USA Today Sports

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Michael Carter-Williams scored 20 points, grabbed eight rebounds and handed out 15 assists in the 76ers' overtime win over the Pistons. MCW has scored at least 16 points, hauled in at least seven rebounds and handed out seven or more assists in each of his last five games. Only one other player in the history of the 76ers/Nats had a streak like that. Wilt Chamberlain had three streaks like that in a 76ers uniform, with a career long of 14 consecutive games in 1967-68. ESPN.com

The sister of late local legend and NBA superstar Wilt Chamberlain said on Friday she couldn’t have been more pleased to see her brother memorialized on a United States postage stamp. “I am extremely proud to see this finally happen,” Selina Gross, said. “I’m just sorry that my parents, who raised him the loving way they did and deserved to see this day, could not be here with us. I am also proud for my siblings, we’ve lost nine of us and it’s good that I’m alive to see this.” Philadelphia Tribune

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Wilt Chamberlain has accomplished another first from beyond the grave. The Stilt will be the first NBA player to be featured on a US postage stamp. This isn't the only reason this will be a special stamp. At 7'1", Chamberlain is taller than other featured celebrities. So because of that, his will be a third longer than the standard stamp. complex.com

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Durant’s streak stands as the third longest over a single season in NBA history behind Wilt Chamberlain (80) and Oscar Robertson (46). “When I sit back after the season’s over, that’s when I’ll reflect on everything, what I’ve done, what the team’s done,” Durant said. “I’m sure I’ll appreciate it then, but now I’m just focusing on game to game and how we can get better as a group and how I can help the team get better. I was getting so many texts after every game, I’m glad that’s over with.” Oklahoman

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Durant's streak surpassed Jordan's 40 in a row of 25 or more and is the longest since Oscar Robertson did it for 46 straight games in 1963-64. Wilt Chamberlain did it in all 80 regular-season games in the 1961-62 season. And Durant is totally unimpressed by his streak. "I don't really care about it," he said. "I can't wait until it's over." ESPN.com

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