HoopsHype Joel Embiid Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: July 25, 2014 | 09:08 PM

Sean Highkin

Joel Embiid added #Johanna to his twitter bio, this is very real

Lang Whitaker

Same RT @Tom Ziller: Joel Embiid is my favorite NBA offseason storyline.

Tom Ziller

Joel Embiid is my favorite NBA offseason storyline.

Sean Highkin

youtube.com/watch?v=jhenog… RT @kmattio: !!! Oh snap. RT @CrossingBroad: IT’S ON: Rihanna Followed Joel Embiid on Twitter crossingbroad.com/minc

Lavoy Allen

Ok I'm convinced Joel Embiid takes the crown as tweeter of the year

A. Sherrod Blakely

There should be an award for #NBA social media rookie of the year. Hands-down, the winner would be @Joel Embiid. #hilarious

Carlos Areneta

HAHAHAHA!!!! RT @Joel Embiid: Family dinner with @rihanna #Johanna http://t.co/RhVQrz96NU

Mark Deeks

Didn't think Pierre Jackson would be signing before Joel Embiid, but there you go.

Adi Joseph

I think @MagicRecs has told me to follow @Joel Embiid at least five times in the past month.

Sean Highkin

I want to move to Philadelphia and become Joel Embiid's personal beat reporter.

Jimmy Spencer

If Twitter was around when I was in high school, I am fearful I may have gone the same route as @Joel Embiid ...

Jake Fischer

Joel Embiid keeps saying he's No. 11. Hope that doesn't hurt KJ McDaniels' feelings a la Jeremy Lin.

Tom Ziller

The year is 2016. Joel Embiid tweets at a 58-year-old Fran Drescher. "Eggs benedict and Mimosas? Follow me so I can DM you."

David Sardinero

Joel Embiid. Lo de este tipo con el twitter es increíble. Mira cómo le mete fichas ahora a Rihanna kiaenzona.com/nba/tiene-much…

Paul Garcia

Billy Joel Embiid, Kendrick Lamar Odom, Gary Neal Diamond, Hayley Marvin Williams, Sean Mae, Brandon Rush. #NBAMusicians

Jake Fischer

I'm like 63% sure @Joel Embiid is actually meeting Rihanna for dinner tonight.

Alex Kennedy

I definitely recommend giving @Joel Embiid a follow. He's hilarious.

Emiliano Carchia

Joel Embiid is already ROOKIE OF THE YEAR He moved from @KimKardashian to @rihanna http://t.co/OKJlUoKdqF

Josh Newman

Tweet game Joel Embiid

Jake Fischer

Hey @Joel Embiid, I care about you buddy. Slide in my DM's and I'll give you some life advice. It takes a village to raise a lion.

Gary Lee

If only you were a laker. RT @Joel Embiid: BREAKING NEWS: Moving on from kk to Rihanna

Amin Elhassan

The difference is Rihanna might actually say yes! RT @Joel Embiid: Hey baby holla at me!! Dinner at giorgios at 930pm @rihanna????

Andrew Perna

Joel Embiid hasn’t played an NBA game and he already annoys me. Stop RTing him people!

Amin Elhassan

Matter of fact, @Joel Embiid you're officially on my All-Cape Team. It's official

Amin Elhassan

Meanwhile, the kid continues to tweet at a Hall of Fame level RT @Joel Embiid: Follow me on IG>>>>> joelembiid http://t.co/vkQeUDzzam

Evan Dunlap

has Joel Embiid already won the NBA social media award for 2014/15 or do we have to actually wait another 10 months?

Vincent Goodwill

Man, Joel Embiid is gonna have somebody come after him with his tweets...he's entertaining

Jake Fischer

Kim is 33... RT @Joel Embiid Mom is questioning me if I really wanna date 40 or 50 years old women. I'm focused on rehab and basketball.

Alex Kennedy

Joel Embiid: “adidas is a brand I’ve always admired, I'm very happy to join their team as I start my NBA career."

Alex Kennedy

Top 2014 NBA Draft picks Andrew Wiggins,Joel Embiid, Dante Exum and Marcus Smart have officially joined @adidas Basketball, per press release.

Emiliano Carchia

Joel Embiid and Marcus Smart sign partnership with Adidas sportando.com/en/usa/nba/127…

Josh Newman

Joel Embiid is officially that dude

Marc Stein

It's official: Roger Milla now envious of how cool/smooth Joel Embiid is

Jay King

Joel Embiid is the world's best tweeter and I don't think anyone else is close.

Amin Elhassan

!!! RT @Joel Embiid: Oh I didn't know you were married sorry @KimKardashian just saw it from the fan's tweet... have a nice day

Amin Elhassan

The Legend of Embiid Twitter continues to grow RT @Joel Embiid: Hey I want you to come slide in my DMs @KimKardashian

Chris Mannix

Joel Embiid hitting on Kim Kardashian on Twitter then backing off when told that she is married is one of the great things about Twitter.

Tommy Beer

Eventually, he'll be "advised" to shut down or tone down his tweets, but for now enjoy @Joel Embiid on twitter...

Sean Highkin

Can we give Joel Embiid rookie of the year anyway?

Yannis Koutroupis

76ers management cringes RT @Joel Embiid: Hey I want you to come slide in my DMs @KimKardashian

Tom Ziller

Joel Embiid is the best thing to happen to the NBA since the late-Aughts Wizards twitter.com/joelembiid/sta…

Jake Fischer

This makes me happy. RT @Joel Embiid Hey I want you to come slide in my DMs @KimKardashian

Kurt Helin

adidas announces signings of Joel Embiid and Marcus Smart dlvr.it/6LSgJ9

Jeff Goodman

Adidas has signed four of the top six draft picks: Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, Dante Exum and Marcus Smart. Somewhat shocking.

Michael De Leon

76ers’ Joel Embiid half right, half wrong about next two NBA champs ift.tt/1nptZxO #spurs

Amin Elhassan

I like your sunglass yarmulke RT @sportsbud23: @Joel Embiid hey @Amin Elhassan thanks for re tweeting something we saw on espn 1000x yesterday.

Emiliano Carchia

Joel Embiid on Twitter: I guess my recruiting skills didn't work sportando.com/en/usa/nba/126… http://t.co/fp88lIoOCR

Chris Littman

Joel Embiid's recruitment of LeBron James closes in hilarious fashion dlvr.it/6HzTPT