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by HoopsHype - Updated: July 24, 2014 | 09:02 PM

Michael Pointer

Must watch. Frank Caliendo does Morgan Freeman reading LeBron James' SI letter. Get ready to laugh hard. espn.go.com/video/clip?id=…

Zach Lowe

Podcast: @SI_LeeJenkins talks the LeBron scoop, spending time with the King, Adam Silver, and his writing process: espn.go.com/espnradio/gran…

Jake Fischer

Re Waiters rumors: Everyone saying best thing for Wiggins' career is to learn from LeBron. Waiters will benefit more from playing with LBJ.

Jarrod Gillis

Check out this video #espn Frank Caliendo as Morgan Freeman reading the now infamous LeBron James letter espn.go.com/video/clip?id=…

Sean Deveney

From @DeAntae Prince a look at how LBJ's game has changed since he left Cleveland: sportingnews.com/nba/story/2014…

Jimmy Spencer

ENJOY: Caliendo reads LeBron letter in Morgan Freeman voice — Amazing: deadspin.com/frank-caliendo…

Chris Sheridan

#Cavs signed LeBron and drafted Wiggins. #Bulls signed Gasol and Mirotic. #Pacers replaced Stephenson with Stuckey. wp.me/p1Ogzi-koB

Sam Amico

Colleague @FSOhioZJackson talked to some of LeBron's closest friends. They were in dark on his decision, too. Story: foxsports.com/ohio/story/cle…

Kurt Helin

LeBron James’ letter in Morgan Freeman’s voice? LeBron James’ letter in Morgan Freeman’s voice dlvr.it/6QDHx7

Chris Ramsay

Now on Page 1: Frank Caliendo channels Morgan Freeman ... reads LeBron letter. es.pn/1kYs7rB

Raul Barrigon

Video: Who's better: Michael Jordan or LeBron James? bit.ly/1qCA1i6

Ira Winderman

Frank Caliendo as Morgan Freeman as LeBron. Not really much more to say, just LeBron's letter, those voices (video). bit.ly/UqumNp

Roberto Martin

El eterno Ray Allen: no se retira y se va a Cleveland con LeBron James, basquetplus.com/nota-23645-el-…. #NBA http://t.co/uvB9ob4AMO

Fabian Garcia

El eterno Ray Allen: no se retira y se va a Cleveland con LeBron James, basquetplus.com/nota-23645-el-…. #NBA http://t.co/HyH2ojYyT5

Ira Winderman

Ray Allen apparently leaning toward Cavs and LeBron, if he returns for 2014-15. bit.ly/1nkGcnK

Geoff Calkins

So great. RT @AdamSchefter: Frank Caliendo reads LeBron's letter to Cleveland...as Morgan Freeman. This is great: youtu.be/mBRJQOGVYFM

Chris Littman

Frank Caliendo reads LeBron's letter to Cleveland as Morgan Freeman dlvr.it/6Q7PJr

Carlos Areneta

ANG GALING!! "@Lang Whitaker: What if Morgan Freeman read LeBron's "coming home" story? wp.me/p14ch1-4EI"

Michele Gazzetti

Frank Caliendo channels Morgan Freeman from "The Shawshank Redemption" when reading LeBron James' letter espn.go.com/video/clip?id=…

Lang Whitaker

What if Morgan Freeman read LeBron's "coming home" story? wp.me/p14ch1-4EI

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

Mercado | Ray Allen, cerca de unirse a LeBron James en Cleveland. baloncesto.as.com/baloncesto/201… http://t.co/gUYpOSYFlz

Raul Barrigon

Video: Eddie Johnson on LeBron's supporting cast, the Rockets, Steve Kerr and Dwyane Wade. bit.ly/1qAVatg

Jorge Sierra

Video: Eddie Johnson on LeBron's supporting cast, the Rockets, Steve Kerr and Dwyane Wade. bit.ly/1qAVatg

Antonio Vazquez

A diferencia de Allen y Miller, Chris Andersen dijo no a los Cavs de LeBron y seguirá en Miami.

Antonio Vazquez

Parece que Ray Allen se anima a seguir un último año. Y a hacerlo en los Cavs junto a LeBron.

Enric Corbella

Ray Allen se decanta por acompañar a LeBron a los Cavs de los números 1 marca.com/2014/07/24/bal… @marca http://t.co/2S40NpYe8D

Kurt Helin

Report: Ray Allen leaning toward signing with LeBron James’ Cavaliers dlvr.it/6Ptw6q

Jason Lloyd

As an aside to that RT from @Gary Washburn, Ray Allen has been in China with LeBron. Draw your own conclusions.

Gary Washburn

NBA source tells Globe that Ray Allen is leaning toward returning for 19th season and joining LeBron James with #cavaliers

Chris Sheridan

Our @Chris Bernucca asks why @Dirk Nowitzki isnt grouped with Shaq, Kobe, LeBron, Duncan as 21st century alltime greats #NBA sheridanhoops.com/2014/07/15/ber…

Julian Mozo

#NBA Mirá cómo se entrena LeBron. A lo Rocky, llevando una rueda de tractor y en pleno barrio... vía @_eNBA http://t.co/AEqhVY7lVl

Jimmy Spencer

For the record … I’m not saying Love isn’t a great player nor am I saying he wouldn’t win with LeBron. I’m just seeking perspective here.

Sean Highkin

Melo to Denver? RT @Matt Moore: Ariza's back in Houston and Casspi might go back to Sac and LeBron is back in Cleveland and WHAT IN HELL

Payal Doshi

People are definitely saddened by the departure of King James in Miami. http://t.co/XorLqH4ziA

Gery Woelfel

UW's Sam Dekker made huge impression on NBA scouts at LeBron's camp in Vegas. "I think he's as good as (Chandler) Parsons," said 1 veter ...

Bob Finnan

LeBron James humbled by fans in Hong Kong bit.ly/1tB9jUF

Joe Cowley

Now the big question as this day goes on - how does first-year Cavs GM LeBron James make sure Love is still Cleveland bound?

Tommy Beer

Terrific read from @Brian Windhorst - LeBron's greatest gift, and curse, is his fast-twitch, incessantly churning brain es.pn/1yWe0LQ

Jason Lloyd

George M. Thomas: LeBron detractors will have to contend with reality: Had an acquaintance of 30 years not pos... bit.ly/1ru1G2X

Jaemark Tordecilla

wow, so according to this piece, LeBron is basically a 6-8, 260-lb. Mike Ross espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id…

Chris Herring

Just getting around to reading it, but this story on LeBron's photographic basketball memory is pretty incredible: espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id…

Kurt Helin

LeBron James sent cupcakes to Akron neighbors to apologize for commotion caused by his free agent decision dlvr.it/6PfKH0

Bill Simmons

New BS Report: @CKlosterman on LeBron's letter, Kobe vs. Wade, World Cup lessons + Twitter agendas. gran.tl/1luQOfg

Gary Dzen

LeBron James Apologizes to His Neighbors With Cupcakes: bit.ly/1lvaWOm http://t.co/u70ZSPYY0Q

Andrew Perna

LeBron & I are more and more alike. Both 29, have sons named Bryce, basketball fuels our income … and we’re different.

Tom Ziller

Notice that LeBron didn't give his neighbors cup-pies or tarts or Home Run Pies. #TeamCake

Kurt Helin

LeBron James apparently remembers everything dlvr.it/6PcdD5

Emiliano Carchia

LeBron James apologizes to neighbors with cupcakes sportando.com/en/usa/nba/128…