HoopsHype Mitch McGary Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: April 17, 2015 | 07:30 PM

Anthony Slater

Steven Adams said it was "tables on planes" that surprised him most about NBA life. What did Mitch McGary say? newsok.com/article/5411279

Anthony Slater

Dion Waiters and Mitch McGary exit interviews about to start at Thunderville. The only two who didn't go yesterday.

Scott Howard-Cooper

11 Tarik Black, 12 Rodney Hood, 13 K.J. McDaniels, 14. Jerami Grant, 15 Mitch McGary, 16 Dante Exum….

Anthony Slater

Mitch McGary (from nearby) has a pair of bros in the building who are going nuts whenever he does anything.

Anthony Slater

In the past week, I've seen a Reggie Wayne Colts jersey in downtown OKC and a Mitch McGary Thunder jersey in downtown Indy.

Jason Jones

Fans cheer as Sim Bhullar checks in and makes Mitch McGary look small.

Anthony Slater

Steven Adams fouls out in 16 minutes. Mitch McGary had five in 11.

Randy Renner

Mitch McGary now has 5 fouls #Thunder running out of bigs

Sean Highkin

He's on my scouting radar for wack fantasy next year. RT @Darnell Mayberry: Mitch McGary with five fouls in 10 minutes.

Darnell Mayberry

Mitch McGary with five fouls in 10 minutes.

David Hardisty

Mitch McGary and Steve Adams look completely outmatched right now -- Dwight Howard is just killing the Thunder.

Peter Edmiston

Mitch McGary has been a bit of a problem for the Grizzlies.

Anthony Slater

Mitch McGary out here acting like he's Russell Westbrook vine.co/v/OlnXKZJJY0Y

Anthony Slater

Important note from this Instagram post - Mitch McGary calls himself Chubbs: instagram.com/p/1BVQufk-q8/

Anthony Slater

Four fouls on Steven Adams and Mitch McGary means Perry Jones is in the game...to guard Dirk.

Anthony Slater

McGary had some surprising skill RT @KOCOCarson: Impromptu soccer match between Enes Kanter & Mitch McGary. #Thunder http://t.co/lrGXNgMTjs

Anthony Slater

Mitch McGary just wants to be loved lol vine.co/v/OLizIFbXDQP

Jorge Sierra

Watch Mitch McGary dance right now. shar.es/1f2nfY