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Amin Elhassan

One thing you rarely hear is what teams pro players hated before they turned pro...I do remember Joakim Noah saying he hated the Bulls!

Amin Elhassan

Other teams I hated: Jordan's Bulls (I hated @Steve Kerr!), Cavs of 2008-10 (hated Danny Green dance dance revolution) #NBAlockdownhate

David 'Dubi' Pick

Blatt's team went 0-2 to start last season. Cavaliers got next vs Bulls.

KC Johnson

Bulls are going to have to increase offer if Butler extension gets done by tonight's deadline. Remember: Bulls can match next summer too.

Mike McGraw

Tonight is the deadline for #Bulls and Jimmy Butler to agree to contract extension. From 10/17, why it's a longshot: dailyherald.com/article/201410…

Chuck Swirsky

The Bulls fans who live outside of the Chicago area who would like to listen to our radio broadcast here's a link... fb.me/6VT2aT6uS

Chuck Swirsky

For Bulls fans outside of Chicago who would like to listen to our radio broadcast here's a link. nba.com/broadband/alp_…

Josh Lewenberg

As for LeBron/Cavs opening-night loss, we knew it was going to take some time. Big opportunity for Raptors & Bulls to get head start in East

Chuck Swirsky

Game night--Bulls home opener vs Cavs. 630CT pre Bulls Radio Network -ESPN 1000. BullsTV on Bulls.com live streaming video.

Chris Sheridan

With Pau on board, and Rose back, is this the year for the Bulls? sheridanhoops.com/2014/10/30/pau…

Nick Friedell

Ha.@Cuse party after game.RT @chrisbleck: College night for Bulls vs. T-Wolves Saturday night. Have fun @Nick Friedell http://t.co/eIzxJ6gg2G

Roland Lazenby

It's way too early to confuse these Knicks with the MJ/Pip Bulls or the Shaq/Kobe Lakers. But they showed that familiar confidence.

Polo Bustamante

Minny won. Cavs lost to the same NY team that the Bulls beat. Here's my overreaction to all this:

Sean Highkin

Never looked forward to covering a game more so than I am Bulls-Cavs tomorrow.

Nick Friedell

This game at the UC tomorrow night is going to be awesome. Cavs will be angry, Bulls are pumped. LeBron vs. Rose. Atmosphere off the charts.

Vince Thomas

Disappointed that Bron's gm didnt match the moment. Impressed Knicks able to wade through early energy and snag W day after Bulls ethered em

Chuck Swirsky

Trust me Cavs will be ready for the Bulls 630pre Bulls Radio Network ESPN 1000

Nick Friedell

That possession from Carmelo is making Thibs cringe right now. That's why Bulls wanted him so bad. He can create and hit big shots late.

Bruce Bowen

Learning experience for Knicks, the benefits of the Triangle. They're not the Bulls or Lakers under Phil, but it's something to build on

Nazr Mohammed

Great event! RT @Url_R: Great to see @Nazr Mohammed at the CVLS gala. Fantastic donations from him. #ChicagoBulls

Nick Friedell

Having watched the Knicks in person last night, I really can't believe this score. They are terrible. The Bulls are good, but NYK is brutal.

Trey Kerby

Almost cruel Melo has to play the Bulls and Cavs in his first two games after not signing with the Bulls to challenge the Cavs.

Sam Amico

Well, this is over. Bring on the Bulls.

Ohm Youngmisuk

Melo said he was anxious to see how he and the Knicks would rebound from Bulls loss. Melo has come out aggressive with 6 pts already

Mark Heisler

It's better to do it w/Bulls than #Lakers RT @Howard Beck: What Did We Learn as Kobe, Rose return? bleacherreport.com/articles/22507… via @bleacherreport

Kurt Helin

J.R. Smith hints Knicks quit vs. Bulls, Phil Jackson says team not ready for “Showtime” dlvr.it/7Mv9L6

Marc Berman

Winner of Da Bulls scoring contest was @NerdySport, who had Chicago 103, #Knicks 88. Actual: 104-80. Congrats. #retweetthewinner

Howard Beck

ICYMI: The Bulls whiffed on Carmelo Anthony, and they just might be better off for it: ble.ac/1u9BI8J

Mary Patrux

Monclar : ''Les Bulls m'ont impressionné'' | News | @beinsports_FR beinsports.fr/news/title/mon…

Joe Cowley

According to a source, Bulls and Butler's camp still have open dialogue, but still have a gap in perceived value. Clock is ticking, boys.

Joe Cowley

youtube.com/watch?v=ZjFK3L… This set the bar .... until we all found out Spike hated the Bulls and loved the Knicks.

Adam Zagoria

Shane Larkin will get a baptism by fire at the PG for #Knicks, who open w/ Bulls & Cavs

Joe Cowley

Cavs have already destroyed the Bulls in bad-ass commercials - not even close - youtube.com/watch?v=-8yOG3…

Robert Alvarez

Gasol pren el Madison en el seu debut amb els Bulls per Vicente Jiménez cat.elpais.com/cat/2014/10/30…

Chema de Lucas

Volviendo a ver el Bulls-Knicks. El 1er compañero que saltó a felicitar a Pau tras su canasta sobre la bocina xa cerrar 2ºcuarto... Mirotic

Adam Zagoria

JR Smith said the Bulls kicked down his mom's front door theknicksblog.com/knicks/knicks-… #KNicks

Chris Sheridan

Lots of coverage from #Knicks-#Bulls game last night. A look at the addition of Pau Gasol from @SprungOnSports sheridanhoops.com/2014/10/30/pau…

Roberto Martin

Mira el compacto de New York Knicks 80 - Chicago Bulls 104; VIDEO: basquetplus.com/video/mira-el-…. #NBA http://t.co/eR0lIT7m65

Brett Pollakoff

Like many others who were at MSG last night, wrote about Pau Gasol and his fit with the Bulls. bit.ly/10BMfN0

Fabian Garcia

Mira el compacto de New York Knicks 80 - Chicago Bulls 104; VIDEO: basquetplus.com/video/mira-el-…. #NBA http://t.co/XgNAcdo40k

Kurt Helin

Dominant Pau Gasol shows he may be a perfect fit for Bulls dlvr.it/7MkBCj

Mark Heisler

Difference between #Knick triangle and Phil's w/#Lakers and #Bulls. TheyMJ, #Kobe, #Shaq. Fish has non-passing post guys

3-pointers from the Bulls' season-opening victory over the Knicks. Tribune Blog: trib.in/1tFJpBa

Ira Winderman

Per Nielsen: Heat-Wizards higher TV rating (9.7) in South Florida than ESPN Knicks-Bulls (1.6), and Game 7 of the World Series on FOX (7.9).

Sean Highkin

Jimmy Butler isn't the only Taylor Swift fan on the Bulls friendlybounce.com/2014/10/30/dou…

Tas Melas

It's just one game but… The Bulls have the 3rd best offense in the NBA. Thanks, Knicks. #TheStarters

Nick Friedell

Taj continues to lead Bulls' 2nd unit in his own way. RT @ESPNChiBulls: Gibson, new bench, debut with swagger es.pn/1sI87vH

Michael Lee

Rose: “I thought for sure, I was going to have a little time in the 4th quarter, in the Garden. But the game got kinda out of hand." #bulls

Michael Lee

Pau Gasol on Derrick Rose: “I think there is a lot of pressure off his shoulders. We have a variety of weapons.” #bulls