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Chris Sheridan

Two #Warriors, two #Magic two #Bulls and two Plumlees on USA Select Team. And all 13 players on rookie contracts #NBA sheridanhoops.com/2014/07/22/roo…

Jimmy Spencer

Should the #Warriors trade Klay Thompson for Kevin Love? Go on record here and see what others are saying bit.ly/1ucDaXE @staanceapp

Marcus Thompson

So Warriors aren't only team unwilling to part with key starter for Love? RT @iAMiBreakStuff: flip will want ibaka and Okc won't do it...

Tim Kawakami

The Warriors valued Klay and Lee (and Barnes) too much to start chipping away at Love's value by having to take back MIN's bad money.

Tim Kawakami

What I've said from the start: Love is more valuable than Klay, but if I'm the Warriors, I wouldn't want any part of Kevin Martin's $22M...

Tim Kawakami

Adding Harrison Barnes and Kevin Martin's $22M into the mix... and the Warriors decided it wasn't worth even discussing Klay T.

Tim Kawakami

Nobody in the league values DLee as much as the Warriors do. That's their call and their right, but I think I've explained this before.

Eric Pincus

Warriors announce the Brandon Rush signing

John Schuhmann

Even though David Lee & Andre Iguodala won't be there, the Warriors will still have 4 guys at USA camp next week.

Kurt Helin

Warriors’ Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green joining USA Select team, too dlvr.it/6NrlYy

Erik Gundersen

Can't wait to see that Kings banner go up right next to the Warriors one in Thomas & Mack.

Chris Sheridan

The #Warriors don;t want to break up their top-five defense to acquire Kevin Love #NBA sheridanhoops.com/2014/07/20/sh-…

Lance Young

Why the Golden State Warriors Should Sign Aaron Craft elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-bas… via @11W

Diamond Leung

Harrison Barnes in his Facebook Q&A on how he feels about the Warriors' chances this year: "Going all the way."

Frank Madden

VIDEO: Jabari Parker complete Vegas Summer League highlights vs. Cavs, Suns, Jazz, Spurs and Warriors sbnation.com/e/5681542

Darren Wolfson

Warriors still trying, so sure. RT @bnpaulsen18: @Darren Wolfson safe to say the #Twolves warriors and cavs are in a "love" triangle?

Tim Kawakami

To be blunt: How dumb would it be for the Warriors to decide they can't keep Klay T just because they got Curry on a great deal?

Tim Kawakami

Not all draft picks work out. Warriors have a deadline to decide how much further they want to take it with Nedovic. Not a unique situation.

Kurt Helin

Report: Defense the reason Warriors won’t include Klay Thompson in trade for Kevin Love dlvr.it/6MyVRy

Eric Pincus

Updated the @BBallInsiders Golden State Warriors Team Salary - estimate for Brandon Rush basketballinsiders.com/golden-state-w…

Nathan Begley

If the @Golden State Warriors both do not trade Klay Thompson for K Love and then give Klay a max contract, the GM should be sacked. Klay isn't that guy.

Tim Kawakami

The Warriors have a decision to make on 2013 first-rounder Nemanja Nedovic, and yes, Aaron Craft could be a pa... bit.ly/Wr34bq

Aron Baynes

Broncos vs Warriors http://t.co/pdYr8EnF96

Sam Amick

At USAT: A look at why the Warriors don't want to give up Klay Thompson for Kevin Love & why defense still matters - usatoday.com/story/sports/n…

Alex Boeder

Summer Fun: Jabari had twice as many points (20) and rebounds (15) as anyone on the Warriors tonight.

Frank Madden

Bucks 79, Warriors 74: Jabari Parker saves his best for last, Bucks head home with win in Summer League finale sbnation.com/e/5681124

Evan Dunlap

Wait, the Warriors had a guy named Usher and Basketball Twitter freaked out, but not one word about Rob Loe?

Daniel Moldovan

Rob Loe with the start today for the Golden State Warriors. 9 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists. New Zealand stand up !

Yannis Koutroupis

Video: Expanding on my Kevin Love/Warriors' report and addressing their denial of Klay Thompson's availability basketballinsiders.com/video-the-late…

Charles F. Gardner

Parker reverse slam answers Warriors comeback bid. Follows with crossover in traffic and sweet finish.

Amin Elhassan

It took 9 days but Jared won Summer League RT @JADubin5: Guy on the Warriors with the last name Usher is 0-5 from the field. He's got it bad

Charles F. Gardner

Giannis would have loved this. Bucks up big on Warriors in first half behind Parker.

Lang Greene

Warriors might have overplayed their hand refusing to give up Klay Thompson for Kevin Love. Cleveland looks ready to dangle Wiggins

Charles F. Gardner

Home from Vegas after 10-day stay so no reports from Thomas & Mack today. Bucks SL finale vs. Warriors at 3:30 pm Central.

Andrew Sharp

The rookie game died after Jason Richardson did that to Boozer and Warriors Gilbert won MVP. It was a night that could never be topped

Tim Kawakami

More detail on the Warriors’ labored decision to keep Klay Thompson out of the Kevin Love trade discussions: I... bit.ly/1sy4DBh

Tim Kawakami

The Kevin Love scenario is obviously fluid. But the Warriors' general offer has remained constant--no Klay Thompson. bit.ly/UfxKu6

Lang Greene

Warriors. Is Kerr the answer? PG: Curry, Livingston, Nedovic SG: KlayT, Rush SF: Iguodala, Barnes, Green PF: Lee, Speights C: Bogut, Ezeli

Marcelo Bousquet

¿Se acelera la salida de Love de Wolves?. Parece. Cavs lo quiere y Warriors, aunque lo niegue, está dispuesto a cambiar a Klay Thompson.

Yannis Koutroupis

Knew Warriors sources would deny Klay Thompson is available because there's no reason to say he is until deal is done. Hurts relationship.

Yannis Koutroupis

For the record my story doesnt say anything is imminent between GSW-Wolves or that Wolves prefer Warriors' offer over Cavs'. That's unknown.

Tim Kawakami

Do I think things could change in the Klay/KLove Warriors/Minnesota stalemate? I ALWAYS think things could change.

Ray Richardson

MT @Tim Kawakami: Warriors source flatly denies report they are offering Klay Thompson to #Twolves. "It's not true," source said minutes ago.

Tim Kawakami

Warriors source flatly denies a report that they are offering Klay Thompson to Minnesota. "It's not true," the source said minutes ago.

Peter Vecsey

If I'm Wolves, I'd take Warriors' package--Lee, Barnes, 1st--minus Klay for Love, but insist on DGreen, rather than Wiggins, Bennett & 1st..

Yannis Koutroupis

Warriors now willing to give up Klay Thompson for Kevin Love, who would exercise option for '15-16 if traded there basketballinsiders.com/love-willing-t…

Tim Kawakami

Note for Minnesotans: Warriors fans (and 49ers fans, Raiders fans, etc) hate me even more than you do. In case you were wondering.

Matt Steinmetz

If Warriors were to move, say, Thompson and Barnes in deal for Love. Holy Toledo is that a lot of your athleticism out door.

Mike Prada

Sources say someone’s trying to tell the Warriors to put Klay Thompson on the table OR ELSE.