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Cuban went so far as to say that trying to eliminate the “Hack-a-Shaq” strategy would be about the same as eliminating overtime and having tie games decided by free throws or 3-pointers. And if the premise is to speed up the game, that’s wrong, too, he said. “To get rid of Hack-a-Shaq is wrong, dead wrong, absolutely 100 percent wrong,” Cuban said. “There are a thousand ways to speed up the game. The one way that won’t do it any better is rewarding somebody for not being able to shoot a free throw like a 10-year-old.
Clippers coach Doc Rivers said he was in favor of a change, under the proper circumstances. “Yeah, I just think you’ve gotta give it a lot of thought,” Rivers said at the morning shootaround before Game 3 of his team’s playoff series against Portland; the Clippers lead 2-0. “You have to do it the right way. … I think when it does change, it will change the right way; I don’t think it’ll bail guys out completely. We’ll see.”
Storyline: Hack A Shaq Rule