Adam Silver Rumors

Me: Do you believe that people who don’t know you think you’re a racist? DF: I can’t control what everyone out there believes. I think most people, if they’ve looked into this, they’ve heard people that have known me for 30 years. They’ve looked into my background. They’ve looked at my life. And hopefully used all of that information when they make their decision. But I can’t control what everyone looks at and how much they look at this whole story. And that hurts. That’s sad to me, because I really am proud of being part of this melting pot of the NBA throughout my life — not just my career, but my whole life. And it’s something I’ve always taken a lot of pride in, the diversity and inclusion that I’ve been a part of through the NBA. It’s been a model, with David Stern and Adam Silver and the league, what they’re built. I’ve been a part of that and I’m proud of that.
Last year when we spoke, we touched a little bit upon the one-and-done rule. You said that you’d like to see the age requirement moved to 20. Have you guys discussed that anymore this year? Or is it more of a CBA / NBA Player’s Association thing? Silver: It’s something that we continue to discuss in the league office with our teams and the larger basketball community. That includes youth basketball and the NCAA. We have not had any direct conversations with the Player’s Association on the issue. As you know, we cannot unilaterally change the age, that is something that can only be done through collective bargaining. But we’ve made it clear that when we ultimately do return to bargaining, that’s something that we would like to discuss with the players. It’s my view that it would be in the best interest of the league and the Player’s Association to raise the minimum age to 20. But I understand it’s a controversial issue.
We talked about Jay Z last year and you being a fan of his. Obviously you went to his concert at the Barclays Center. I have to ask you, do you have a favorite Jay Z lyric? Silver: I do have a favorite Jay Z lyric, which I find myself often using in business conversations, and that is, Even a broken clock is right two times a day. From “Guns and Roses.” McCollum: That’s a good one. Silver: I may be paraphrasing, but it’s close.