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Verdicts from the league office are one thing. Real change in the locker room is quite another. “It’s more about stigmas than anything else, and I think with those stigmas you have people who are going to be judged,” said Sue Bird of the Seattle Storm. “I think on the men’s side, they’re not quite there yet. Jason Collins, for him to do that, particularly in the basketball world, he was the one who kind of broke down the barrier. And maybe in the future, it’ll change. But I think right now there’s still that stigma. I would love for it to change, because it’s really not that big of a deal in all reality. “The NBA moving the All-Star game was a tremendous stand. It’s about the NBA having that platform to create change that needs to be created.”
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Q: Are there changes in your tenure, that you already consider mistakes? Maybe the short-lived team format for the dunk contest at the All-Star Game in 2014? Adam Silver: That’s a great example. There was enormous confusion not just with the fans in the arena, but I think the players were a bit confused. One of the things I’ve learned in business is, don’t overly complicate things. And there are no shortcuts for introducing new processes. Often, you should find ways to introduce them outside the glare of the big lights.
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