All-Star Rumors

A group of executives from some of Charlotte’s biggest companies also wrote a letter to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on June 24, voicing support for convening a “group to evaluate how our state can continue making progress against discrimination in any form.” That plan never materialized – and that letter, like others from Charlotte business leaders, was never sent to the NBA. That’s because the league was making clear it wanted broader changes to the controversial law.
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Immediately, the measure led to celebrity boycotts, and companies canceling expansion plans. But few of those reactions caused business leaders more concern than the threat to move the 2017 All-Star weekend and its projected $100 million boost to Charlotte’s economy. Business leaders kicked off their efforts soon after the law was passed. “It was a complete galvanized community effort to do everything we could to try and save the All-Star Game in ’17 in Charlotte and to try … to encourage Raleigh to make some meaningful changes to a bill that we all felt needed to be changed,” Charlotte Hornets President Fred Whitfield said Thursday.
In the end, Charlotte business leaders never sent the letters to the NBA, which had already made clear that it was not satisfied with the legislature’s actions. In mid-July, team owners convened in Las Vegas for their annual owners meeting. Some owners supported keeping the game in Charlotte, Whitfield said, though he wouldn’t say who they were. Golden State Warriors President Rick Welts, who is openly gay, suggested that he would be uncomfortable coming to Charlotte for the game, according to sources who didn’t want to be named discussing internal deliberations.
Who is the best dunker you have ever seen? Julius Erving: I’ll tell you; Zach has put on a show the last couple of years. He has to get kudos. I don’t know if the surprise factor and the timing coordination dunks that he does are as impactful as what Vince Carter brought to the scene when he did a few things that hadn’t been seen before. I think with Connie Hawkins, myself, Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Clyde Drexler, there’s a lineage there, and I think Vince shook it up a little bit there with a couple of dunks there. I’m gonna let him reside in that spot right there.
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