Australia Rumors

“Stephon has it all over there so I knew if anyone could get it done it would be him – I’m just mad I didn’t think of it sooner,” Harrington said on Saturday. “We Facetime every week and he just thought it was a regular call about how my game went. “I knew the league offices are in Beijing where he is but he told me next time to call him a few days earlier so he didn’t have to use up a big favour.”
Sydney Kings import Josh Childress is also a former teammate of Warrick, with the two Americans playing together with the Phoenix Suns from 2010 to 2012. “Josh helped me a lot, like I said, he was actually trying to get me out last year and he told me what to expect.” said Warrick. “He really helped me transition for a guy coming in from the same situation as him: an NBA guy coming over for the first time. So it’s good to have a guy who’s gone through what you’re about to go through.