Barack Obama Rumors

Calvin Watkins: Count Rockets guard James Harden as someone who thinks President Barack Obama would be a great NBA owner. “He’s basketball savvy,” Harden said. “He loves the game of basketball so I’m sure he’ll do very well.” According to press secretaryJosh Earnest, President Obama expressed an interest in becoming an NBA owner and talked about being part of an ownership group for a NBA team.
Storyline: Barack Obama NBA Owner?
Much has been made of what might be next for President Barack Obama after he leaves the White House in January. According to press secretary Josh Earnest, becoming an NBA owner might be an option. Earnest said Wednesday that the president, well known for being a big fan of Chicago sports teams, has “discussed” being part of an ownership group for an NBA franchise. Earnest added that Obama would pursue the opportunity “potentially … under the right circumstances.”
Storyline: Barack Obama NBA Owner?
“It’s a very unique set of circumstances,” he said. “[Obama] is very approachable, he knows and loves the game … plus he’s a brother. There’s a level of trust there because they have similar experiences. “I would like to think the guys who have felt comfortable using their platform to bring awareness to things will keep doing so but to be politically active you have to do more than just bring awareness. You have to get involved and I’m not sure if the players will do that once President Obama is gone.”