Bob Myers Rumors

Lacob arose that morning at his vacation home in Montana, where his family was scheduled to arrive and celebrate the holiday. But he had his private plane ready to take off at a moment’s notice in case he needed to go back to the Hamptons on Long Island, where Durant had taken his meetings over the prior few days, to make another sales pitch. “I was supposed to get the call that morning. An hour went by, it didn’t come. Two hours went by, and I’m calling [Warriors general manager] Bob Myers, Bob is calling me and I’m going, ‘What is going on? Was this bad or good that it’s taking longer?’”
The Warriors made their annual trip to San Quentin State Prison on Saturday. As has been the case in each of the last five years, members of the Warriors front office staff and basketball operations department played a pickup game against select prison inmates in front of a crowd of prison guards and other inmates. While Warriors President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Bob Myers headlined the Warriors contingent on the court, Warriors players Kevin Durant and Draymond Green took in the action from the sidelines. There, they sat among the inmates to watch the action, sign autographs and even play some dominos.
“Robert Swift? I think about him all the time” says Bob Myers, Swift’s former agent and now the GM of the Warriors. Like most everyone I talk to, Myers wants to know how Swift is doing. Not in basketball but in life. “I feel bad I couldn’t help him,” says Voigt. “I hope somebody can.” “He caught the bad side of the business,” says Casey Hill, now the coach of the Santa Cruz (Calif.) Warriors of the D-League. “An NBA athlete who has a lot of money who’s 18 or 19, with parents who’ve taken advantage of him… ” He trails off. “How much pain was he in?” wonders Sherman Alexie, the author, poet, and a key figure in the save the Sonics campaign in Seattle. “How much pain did he carry into the league? Was he doomed to fail?” Alexie, a recovering alcoholic, says he feels “total empathy and hope for his recovery.”