Brad Stevens Rumors

Brad Stevens: So, I didn’t even know that [Tom Brady] was going for sure until that morning. … The players and I flew together from Atlanta, because we had met with Al [Horford] the evening before. [Brady and Celtics representatives] quickly went out to eat lunch before the meeting, and you know, I think [he is] a great example of a guy that is obviously an incredibly high achiever, has won at the highest level, is totally committed to being the greatest that he can be, and loves being a part of Boston sports. He loves living in Boston, talked about how much his family enjoys Boston … about raising his kids here — you know everything else. He really came across as just a normal guy, and I was really impressed with him. It was the first time I had really spent any time with him. I had been to a practice of theirs before where I got a chance to meet him briefly, but he was great and people respect not only the fact that he’s accomplished all that he’s accomplished, but he’s just a really down-to-earth person. I felt very good about how we presented ourselves [in the team’s pitch to Durant]. Having been through 13 years of recruiting prior to coming to Boston, I felt like that we went in there, and I think that we focused on the right things to focus on and put our best foot forward, and I felt really good that we had left no stone unturned, so that was that.
Most top lottery picks join bad teams, but the Celtics were able to select Brown after a 48-win season. Instead of being handed minutes on a shabby roster, the No. 3 overall pick will need to earn them against a load of proven players. That could pose some issues — Brown won’t receive as much on-court experience as he would with, say, the Sacramento Kings — but Stevens also thinks the talent level will push Brown. “I think Jaylen’s in a good situation to learn and grow because he’s coming into a team that has some perimeter players who are very established that will make him very uncomfortable in practice every single day,” Stevens said during a recent appearance on The Ringer’s NBA podcast with Bill Simmons. “And they’ll do it on both ends of the floor. For him to have to be matched up against Jae (Crowder) or Avery (Bradley), or if we play him at the 4 some against a Jae (Crowder) or a Jonas (Jerebko), whatever the case may be, those are hard matchups. And that should a great — that should be the best part of the learning curve for Jaylen.”