Brad Stevens Rumors

Stevens, while not getting into too many specifics, also spoke about the Celtics’ overall recruiting pitches to Durant and to free-agent big man Al Horford, with the latter ultimately signing with Boston. “We’ll go into each. When we met with Al and tried to, in a different way because they’re different positions and different players, show why he’s such a good fit for us,” Stevens said. “Obviously, we did the same with Kevin. You try to show why you’re close, why your group and this organization has a great shot and is making progress and moving forward. “Again, I thought it was a really productive time — not productive enough in Kevin’s case, but certainly with Al it was and we’re looking forward to keep making progress.”
For his part, Stevens — who dodged answering a question about the length and value of his new contract — credited the ownership group for creating an environment that he wanted to be a part of. “They approached me on it,” Stevens said. “This is one of those things: We’ve enjoyed living here, I’ve enjoyed coaching here, I like the group we have, I like our direction, I like that we’re empowered every day by our ownership and leadership to just do our part well. We all have a small role to play to help this thing move forward.”