Brian Windhorst Rumors

When Wojnarowski began at Yahoo Sports in 2006 the site wasn’t known for its sports reporting. Wojnarowski singlehandedly changed that. “He is the one who made Yahoo, it is not Yahoo that made him,” says ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. Wojnarowski churns out reported columns at a furious pace and often publishes them in the middle of the night. “He is a complete freaking animal,” says New York Daily News Knicks reporter Frank Isola. “Adrian is basically a reporter on steroids.”
At this point, there is no move the Cavaliers can make that would surprise me. Because, at this point — the absolute nadir of a rebuilding process — what player on that roster do you have to keep? Now J.J. Hickson, he is being shopped around according to a tweet from the well-connected Brian Windhorst of ESPN. 2 players you can talk to Cavs about now: Ramon Sessions & JJ Hickson. Andy Varejao not available for just a draft pick.
During the second quarter of the Heat-Grizzlies game, a tweet was published from Chris Bosh‘s account promoting a charity event with Pat Riley Sunday night in Miami. Unfortunately, players are prohibited from Tweeting during a game. Brian Windhorst noted the tweet and retweeted it, and subsequently Bosh deleted it. The odds of it actually being Bosh are pretty slim. It was almost definitely an assistant or one of his managers, who just didn’t think about there being a game. Which makes you wonder what exactly these guys are doing that they can’t remember one simple rule: don’t tweet during games.
Windhorst is largely considered to be among the upper echelon in NBA beat writers, being the youngest in “the game” when he started with the ABJ in 2003. Alas, said parallels will continue on to Miami where James will play for the foreseeable future after leaving Cleveland during the most recent free agency period with Windhorst there to keep his finger on the proverbial pulse. will be rolling out a “Heat Index,” which will chronicle everything from the team’s practices (yes, recaps of practice) to the scene on Miami’s South Beach. “It’s been a long-term goal to be on their NBA staff,” Windhorst told CNBC’s Darren Rovell. “I have a long history w/LeBron, but I will cover him as a member of the Heat, not as an ex-Cav.”