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Allen Crabbe is in China. That’s a long way from his home in California and from the Portland Trail Blazers. He’s over there to do some business, including visiting LeSports Hong Kong—a company that provides users with video services including webcasting, video-on-demand and additional information on football, basketball, tennis, golf and other sports—and the NBA China offices. He’s also there to experience something different, made possible by the roundball. “If it wasn’t for the season that I had, then opportunities like this wouldn’t be possible,” Crabbe says through a crackly phone call from near Hong Kong. “I’m just blessed to be in the position for the types of doors that basketball has opened for me to go to places that I never thought I would be. It’s been an exciting experience.”
5 days ago via SLAM
Arguably the co-face of the NBA (let’s include LeBron James here), Curry is now the lone face of PressPlay, a startup digital media company out of the illustrious, Silicon Valley-area. The company will release exclusive videos of the electric shooting Curry just in time for the NBA season in October. With PressPlay, Curry will be able to access China’s audience of 620 million smartphone users and 641 million digital viewers. Viewers will be able to follow Curry through his training, family time and other behind-the-scenes footage. Curry will also answer questions from fans via a pre-recorded live stream.
Obviously, the Warriors will immediately have priority at 95.7 over the A’s, though I’m told there is a slight chance they could move a Warriors game to another station only if the A’s are playing a major playoff game at the same time (and we know that isn’t happening any time soon). The Warriors’ release mentions that long-time radio play-by-play man Tim Roye will remain on the call for their games on 95.7.