Byron Scott Rumors

Scott was also asked about whether he felt Russell could be a star at the point guard position, and while he absolutely sees the potential, he also raised a couple of red flags. “I think he (Russell) can (be a star),” Scott said on The Dan Patrick Show. “Obviously, there’s going to be some question marks with that. His work ethic has to get better. His understanding of the game has to get better, but he can flat out score, and he really sees the floor extremely well. He has some tools you can’t teach, but the little intricate parts of the game are the things he has to learn.”
Storyline: Scott-Russell Dynamic
Byron Scott was a former Laker too, of course. However his pedigree — and approach — was from a different era. Walton gives the Lakers both a new narrative and a new vision, one plucked straight from the most forward-thinking organization in the league. Prior to 2015-16, the Lakers’ nascent analytics department predicted the team would win between 20 and 30 games. The team needed outside shooting, to space the floor and better defenders. It was a roster problem as much as a philosophical one. Walton can’t fix all of that himself, but he can embrace the need to evolve. That vision is what the Lakers have been pitching to free agents the past two summers. The life, the city, the Lakers mystique. It’s been a tough sell to free agents who care more about the talent on the roster, the system and the maximum contract.