Byron Scott Rumors

Despite the bad workout, the Nets still made him the No. 1 pick, but head coach Byron Scott publicly questioned Martin’s work ethic early in the season. “I went and talked to Byron,” Martin said. “I went in his office, closed the door. ‘Listen, this is what it is, man. I’m out here busting my ass for you, for this organization. I’m not healthy right now. Work with me. Like, don’t go to the media. Like, why you going to them, f—ing talking to them? They ain’t in here doing this s— with us.’ ”
On hiring Luke Walton and deciding not to retain Byron Scott: Kupchak: It didn’t go wrong with Byron, and there’s no one thing you can point to. The expression: “decision to go in another direction,” is overused. But I decline to go into great detail. Byron did a wonderful job under very adverse circumstances the last two years. I know he wasn’t expecting not to coach our team next year. I know he was hoping that he would coach. But that’s the business, and when I spoke to Byron, we kind of both looked at each other and said, “We’ve both been around long enough to know that this happens.” I thank Byron publicly, and hopefully he’ll be a part of the Lakers for a long, long time in any way possible.
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