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“Cleveland insisted that I went to play in the Summer League or they would pull their offer,” he said. “I told them that I would be tending to my mother who was undergoing treatment for breast cancer and it seemed to be good, but in that offseason they were in limbo with LeBron leaving and not having a head coach.” It was this level of confusion that extinguished the chance of McCants playing in the NBA. “Byron Scott was eventually hired and he didn’t really know what was going on with my situation, so the media took the story that I didn’t show up to camp and ran with it and it ended up blowing my chance,” he said. “Hearing that story was really tough to listen to considering what I was actually going through.”
Yesterday, the Lakers unveiled the name of the organization’s new training facility and Russell had high-praise for his new coach. Via Lakers Nation: “He’s one of the best people I know, as far as off the court,” Russell said of his new head coach on Wednesday. “c I feel like I can call him anytime. He’s not like a head coach that will sit back and just watch his other coaches and colleagues just train other players, he’s always involved. He’ll get out there and play with you if he wants. It’s just great to have a young coach like him in the building.”
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Storyline: Scott-Russell Dynamic
Nick Young sounded uncertain whether the Lakers will buy out his two-year contract worth $11 million before training camp starts in late September. Young indirectly outlined reasons for the Lakers to consider giving him another chance. He reported devoting plenty of his offseason toward improving his strength and conditioning. After clashing the past two seasons with then-Lakers coach Byron Scott about his public criticisms and role, Young sounded thrilled about Luke Walton’s subsequent hiring. “It’s a breath of fresh air for me,” Nick Young said of Luke Walton. “Luke is a big-time coach and came from a championship team. I think I have the tools that we can use as a shooter.”
Storyline: Nick Young Buyout?