Cheerleaders Rumors

When the Clippers Spirit dance team was done being pure lightning, they slumped down on folding chairs and became human again. “You’ll have to have a second job. All these girls have second jobs. Or they’re in school. Or both,” Audrea told us. The other girls nodded and raised their eyebrows, almost apologetically, before offering us time management tips. “You can skip your lunch. You can get to work early.” “You just don’t sleep,” one said. “A lot of bosses think it’s cool that you’re on Clippers Spirit,” another added. “We don’t tell you how much you make until you make the finals,” Audrea offered quickly and quietly.
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Whatever we did to supplement our mystery sub-standard wage, the girls made it clear that the Clippers were to come first. Rehearsals were mandatory. Games were mandatory, and we would have to arrive at Staples center two and a half hours prior to games for court rehearsals and a make-up pat-down and a meet-and-greet at on the floor. Brittany, in her mid-20s, her smile concealing a barely detectable level of apathy, usually came to games straight from work, she told us. She didn’t wear her lashes to the office because “people would think that (she was) crazy.” Later, she told me she was a social worker. Brooke told me that the best jobs to supplement with this one, were things like “Retail and restaurants. Flexible things.”
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Hi, Nuggets Nation! Kelsey C. here with an update from beautiful Monterrey Mexico! Today we had a full day of media interviews with both television and radio stations. Our first stop was at TV AZTECA NOROESTE – Program “Con ganas”. They are a very fun group of people to work with! We performed two routines: “Drop” (my personal favorite) and “Uptown Funk”. We also answered interview questions regarding the upcoming NBA Global Game Mexico City coming up on December 3, as well as our experience working with the NBA Mexico beer partner Coors Light. The cast of the show is very light-hearted and fun!