China Rumors

He has the cushion of the annual money from Detroit and rejected a lucrative offer from the Chinese Basketball Association this summer. In Smith’s mind, the end game is a return to the league – and he promises modified habits on and off the court and increased patience of team situations. “My main goal is that I am an NBA player,” Smith said. “Being able to go overseas, people are professional, but the NBA is what I have built myself to do. I’m still hungry. If I jumped to leave my NBA chances behind, I feel it would’ve been an act of desperation. I’m not a guy who feels like I have to start or play 30 minutes a night anymore. I wish for an opportunity to be able to contribute, to be a positive guy around the locker room. It has been missing from me. I’m not doubting it. I felt I have always showed support for my teammates, cheering for them, but I have to do a better job. I feel I have something to give the NBA, period.”
Storyline: Josh Smith Free Agency