Chris McGowan Rumors

The agreement, which will no doubt rankle Blazers fans with satellite television subscriptions, ends months of negotiations and internal organizational debate about the direction the team should take regarding the future of its game broadcasts. Blazers President Chris McGowan and his executive team spent months exploring a wide range of broadcast possibilities with the goal of finding a provider that would deliver games to the widest possible audience.
The Blazers and CSNNW have concluded their contractually obligated exclusive negotiating period. Now, for the first time in his tenure, McGowan is in position to do something about the broadcast deal he inherited. One he’s publicly said he’d like to rectify. His presence on that commercial flight was evidence — McGowan had scheduled a meeting in Los Angeles with Fox Sports Networks. McGowan is not allowed to comment on the negotiation. CSNNW vice president and general manager Larry Eldridge is limited in what he can say, too. But Blazers fans, who have spent nine seasons bound by this deal, certainly can, and should speak out.
The idea goes that the Blazers are free to shop, but ROOT SPORTS is Seattle-based and can’t offer the Blazer-centric dedication that CSNNW offers. Neither can Fox Sports Networks. Also, there’s a whisper being floated in the market that cut-throat parent-company Comcast, which currently offers Root Sports Northwest on its basic-tier packages, might pull the regional network from its Portland-based customers as a retaliatory strike should it lose the rights. However, when I mentioned that to a source close to the negotiation, it was waved off. “Hollow threat,” the source said. “What are they going to do? Pull the Mariners and Timbers off in Portland? They can’t do it. Won’t happen.”
There’s a small room off the side of the hallway outside the Trail Blazers locker room that general manager Neil Olshey uses on game night as his meeting space. During 41 evenings a season team president Chris McGowan works to catch the GM and get down to business on matters that concern both. “Neil is not seen as a big email or text guy,” one Portland front-office official said on Saturday. “You have to talk, and meet with him.”